Woman testifies Holtzclaw raped her

Daniel Holtzclaw. (AP Photo)

OKLAHOMA CITY — A 24-year-old woman described Tuesday how she said a former Oklahoma City police officer sexually assaulted her while she was handcuffed to a hospital bed.

The woman told jurors she was rushed to the hospital in December 2013, having ingested the drug PCP during a police search at an apartment complex. A drug dealer threw the drug on her clothes, she said, then she bit into a vial filled with the drug and swallowed what medical professionals feared was a lethal amount.

At Integris Southwest Medical Center, the woman claimed staff left her alone in a room with the former officer, Daniel Holtzclaw, 28, who inappropriately touched her and forced her to perform oral sex.

“If you cooperate with me, I can make these charges go away in a month,” she testified Holtzclaw told her. The woman said she took that to mean that he wanted her to cooperate sexually.

She told jurors Holtzclaw never kept his promise.

The former officer who grew up in Enid now faces three dozen charges stemming from allegations he coerced the woman and a dozen others to expose themselves, touched them inappropriately, or forced them to have sex. He has pleaded not guilty.

Once she was released on bail, the woman said Holtzclaw “friended” her on Facebook, and they sent periodic messages over a few months until the woman served prison time in Texas. She claimed they also talked on the phone and via text message.

At one point, in January 2014, she told jurors he came to her mother’s house seeking sex while he was off-duty.

Holtzclaw’s attorney, Scott Adams, questioned why the woman’s heart rate didn’t spike during the hospital encounter, triggering an alarm on the heart monitor. She told jurors Holtzclaw told her how to avoid triggering it.

Adams also asked why there was no proof of their text messages, particularly since she saved their Facebook exchanges.

The woman said she reported the incident with Holtzclaw after hearing about others who came forward and accused the former officer of abuse. She told jurors she didn’t tell police sooner because she didn’t think they would believe her.

The woman has since filed a civil lawsuit against Holtzclaw and the city, seeking more than $75,000, Adams told jurors.

Adams tried to shake the woman's credibility, painting her as a convicted felon and habitual liar whose story changes as it suits her.

He said there is no proof that Holtzclaw offered to make the charges go away. In fact, he said, Holtzclaw took the woman to jail once she was released from the hospital, and she still has charges pending against her.

Adams said the Facebook exchanges show Holtzclaw to be a man concerned about the accuser’s well-being. He said they do not indicate he promised the accuser anything and never reference anything inappropriate happening at the hospital.

The trial continues Thursday and is expected to last most of November.

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