The Pittsburg County Sheriff's Office and the Tulsa Humane Society rescued 18 dogs living in "disgusting conditions and filth" from a residence in the Longtown area over the weekend.

Pittsburg County Sheriff Chris Morris said the dogs looked malnourished and his department contacted the Tulsa Humane Society for assistance.

“The dogs are being treated by a vet at the Tulsa Humane Society,” Morris said. “They are being taken care of up there and will most likely be adopted out.”

The sheriff said his department received an anonymous call about the dogs and a deputy responded and found the dogs.

“They appeared malnourished and were not being taken care of,” Morris said. “So, he contacted the Tulsa Humane Society, who agreed to come down and assist us in picking the dogs up because we were unable to locate the owners.”

Photos shared by the Tulsa Humane Society on their Facebook show the dogs were living in “absolutely disgusting conditions and filth” inside and around a dilapidated trailer.

“The dogs were scared and attempting to bite,” the Humane Society said on the post. “The smell inside the trailer would make your eyes water.”

The Tulsa Humane Society said all of the dogs were rescued from the property and the dogs will receive medical care this week.

“It’s amazing how these terrified dogs started wagging their tails when we tucked them in for the night,” the Humane Society said in their Facebook post.

Those who wish to donate to the Tulsa Humane Society’s efforts to care for the dogs can visit their Facebook page to find the donation link under the post about the Pittsburg County dogs.

As of Tuesday morning, more than $2,700 has been donated, according to the post.

Morris said his department will ask for charges filed against the person or people responsible for the animals. 

“It’s still under investigation right now but as soon as we can get it wrapped up we’re going to try and get 18 counts of animal cruelty,” Morris said.

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