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Residents spend time in the common area of Columbian Hall at Center of Family Love in Okarche in 2015.

OKARCHE, Okla. — Center of Family Love has experienced its first confirmed case of COVID-19 on its main campus in Okarche, according to a press release from the facility.

One of the 130 intellectually and physically disabled individuals the organization serves tested positive for COVID-19 on May 13, 2020.

CFL isolated the resident in a unit established when the pandemic was declared that has with its own shower facilities, laundry room, nursing station and separate air ventilation for each isolation room.

“This one resident has been in the isolation unit now for five days and will remain in quarantine until further direction from our medical director, Dr. Sydney Haggins,” said Debbie Espinosa, CFL president and CEO. “The test came back positive the morning of May 13th, and we are continuing to enforce the strictest standards for care in the isolation unit while also maintaining complete separation for our other residents throughout the organization.”

CFL staff have been following CDC guidelines regarding personal protective equipment to protect themselves and the organization’s residents from COVID-19, Espinosa said. The organization has also designated separate staff to work in the isolation unit to further reduce the risk of transmission.

“Our other residents’ exposure was minimized due to early isolation of the individual at the first sign of mild symptoms,” Espinosa said. “However, the individuals who are living in the same building as the resident who tested positive for COVID-19 are now being quarantined in their own bedrooms. Additionally, all other houses remain on separate schedules with limited interaction or cross-contamination among residents.”

According to Espinosa, CFL will continue maintaining its preventative policies it has upheld since March 13, including a closed-campus allowing only medically essential personnel on campus.  

“I ask you to please pray for everyone at the Center in this uncertain time,” Espinosa said. “God has always provided for His children at the Center of Family Love, and we know that He hears and answers our prayers. We need your support now more than ever before.”

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