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People can sign up to actually ride on the 30-mile cattle drive, either as guest drovers or day riders. The cattle drive starts through downtown Pond Creek, goes onto Jefferson, along the east side of Medford, into Renfrow’s pastures, up to the state line and ends with a parade through downtown Caldwell.

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❝There’s gonna be a lot of changes. There’s going to be some winners, there’s going to be some losers. I just hope the oil and gas business wins because ... There’s a lot of people in Oklahoma that work off oil and gas, and we need it to stay going.❞ — John Donaldson, president of D&J Oil in Enid

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"It's a big risk. A lot of it is natural selection. We let Mother Nature determine what performs and what doesn't." — Joey Meibergen, Johnston Seed Co. president 

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At Zoe Kids’ Café, after the children eat, there’s a theme-based lesson, mostly regarding social skills, moral behavior or values — the kinds of lessons you’d expect from a ministry to children, Pitts said. Praise and worship time is next, followed by outside activities, assuming the weather is cooperative.

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❝Doctors want to fix things—it's how we are wired,” Petersen said. “Facing an illness that we can’t fix has been hard on all of us, but I'm proud of how we have adapted. We have learned to celebrate the victories, both large and small, and we have learned how to help families deal with the uncertainty.❞ — Dr. Kristy Petersen, St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center hospitalist program director 

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❝I’ve driven home sometimes after losing another patient and looked around at everyone just going about their lives and wondered, ❛How is everyone so calm? Doesn’t everyone realize the world is ending?❜❞ — Louise Zecha surgical floor nurse who moved to the COVID unit and ICU 

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Once they get to school in the early morning, Wright and her custodial colleagues throughout Enid Public Schools are available all day long — whenever they’re needed by any classroom, any principal. Then they’re there after school until the evening, sanitizing the buildings and getting school ready for the next day.

❝Small schools like ours have to attract and retain students while fundraising, and then convince the parents that we are worth the investment, knowing that the competition does what we do for ❛free.❜❞ — Wade Laffey, principal of St. Joseph’s Catholic School

Waukomis Public Schools Superintendent Kelly Husted called the $7.4 million bond issue that passed Feb. 9 the school’s largest bond issue, and, he believes, the largest to ever pass in the town.

❝NOC is family, and it's difficult to leave, but I believe it is the right time for me and the right time for the college. An average college president stays about six years. I just wanted to leave on a high note.❞ — Cheryl Evans, Northern Oklahoma College president

Founded in 1911 by a group of Mennonite farm families in Meno, OBA was created to ensure children received a Bible-based education. The school relocated to 5913 W. Chestnut in Enid in 1983 to make a Christian education accessible to more families in Northwest Oklahoma.

❝Quiz Bowl made it OK to be smart and to be a nerd. It has provided opportunities to many who otherwise would not have had a meaningful outlet for their talents or interests.❞ — Adam Hughes, former player and son of longtime Drummond Quiz Bowl team coach Anita Hughes

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