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❝It’s a volunteer position, but we need them, we desperately need them. We need a diversity of volunteers. We need them in Kingfisher and Blaine and Woodward and Grant. All the counties are needing representation.❞

 Fourth Judicial District CASA Volunteer Coordinator Alyson Burrow

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❝Hopefully, if our numbers continue to increase, we’d like to do some things like a Bingo night or expand to have a Buncko group. We get calls all the time of, ❛Is there anything I can come to.❜❞

RSVP Senior Center Director Kim Blankenship

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The report, compiled from 30 recommendations from several town halls held last fall, found that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are linked to chronic health problems, mental illness and substance abuse issues in adulthood.

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❝We really offer a lot of free community resources and just a lot of those foot-in-the-door opportunities. If I could promote and push Enid Young Professionals to that person who wants to meet someone new but doesn't know how — we are perfect for you.❞

Ali Kirtley, marketing director at PT and Enid Young Professionals board president, chair of communications and co-chair of 10<40.

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❝You hear complaints about your town or school, but I try to drown that out. I'm a positive person, I would rather get involved and do something about it — actually putting my effort toward actually making the difference.❞

Businessman and volunteer Jason Turnbow 



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