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ENID, Okla. — Garfield County saw its number of active COVID-19 cases top 500 Wednesday, as 3,017 new COVID-19 cases and 26 more deaths were reported across the state, according to Oklahoma State Department of Health.

The 1.9% rise in Oklahoma’s cases brought the overall total to 161,425 since the virus was confirmed in the state in March. Of those, 29,823 remained active, a single-day increase of 1,016, and 130,032, or 80.5%, were recovered, including 1,975 since Tuesday’s OSDH report.

There have been 1,570 Oklahomans who have died either due to COVID-19 or from complications of the virus, according to OSDH.

Twenty-one of the deaths reported Wednesday were in the 65 and older age group: two men each from Oklahoma and Tulsa counties; two Oklahoma County women; a man and a woman each from Jackson and Rogers counties; men from Beckham, Creek, Garvin, Kay, Murray and Washington counties; and women from Delaware, McIntosh, Noble, Okmulgee and Seminole counties. There were three deaths in the 50-64 age range: men from Garvin and Tulsa counties and an Oklahoma County woman. Two deaths in 36-49 age range were a Okfuskee County man and a Rogers County woman, according to OSDH.

Garfield County saw an increase of 34 cases on Tuesday for a cumulative 3,143, with 517 of those active and 2,593 recovered. Enid saw a gain of 28 cases for 2,866 overall, with 448 active and 2,365 recovered.

Cumulative COVID-19-positive hospitalizations in Oklahoma climbed to 10,687 on Wednesday, a single-day increase of 206. Of those, 1,381 were in hospitals as of Wednesday evening, a decrease of 53, with 389 in intensive care, a decrease of 58, according to the OSDH Executive Report. There were 1,036 persons seeking hospital care in the 24 hours prior to the report who self-quarantined.

In Enid on Wednesday, St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center reported 22 patients positive for COVID-19 and one death related to the virus. Integris Bass Baptist Health Center had 20 COVID-19-positive patients.

Adult ICU bed availability in the state was at 6% and medical/surgical beds were at 12% availability statewide, with a 96% hospital response rate, according to the OSDH Executive Report on Wednesday evening. That same report shows the Northwest region for OSDH with 80 cases, a single-day increase of 18, and five persons under investigation for the virus.

Northwest Oklahoma county case increases on Wednesday also included 17 in Kingfisher, 14 in Woods, 12 in Woodward, eight in Alfalfa, five each in Major and Noble, four in Blaine and three in Grant, according to OSDH.

Case gains in Northwest Oklahoma cities and towns included 13 in Alva; eight in Hennessey; seven in Woodward; six in Watonga; four in Cashion and Kingfisher; three in Helena, Okarche and Waukomis; two in Cherokee, Meno, Mooreland, Ringwood and Seiling; and one in Burlington, Canton, Carmen, Dacoma, Deer Creek, Fairview, Lahoma, Pond Creek, Wakita and Waynoka.

State update

OSDH reported 1,902,220 cumulative specimens have been tested for COVID-19 in the state this year, with 1,726,221, or just less than 91% of those negative. Those testing positive represent 4.1% of the state’s population, listed at 3,956,971 in 2019, according to census.gov.

There have been 84,417 Oklahoma women and 76,929 men who have tested positive for COVID-19, according to OSDH as of Wednesday. There were 79 designated as unknown gender.

The 18-35 age group, with 940 new cases confirmed Wednesday, made up 33.6% of cases in the state. Other new case gains were 682 in the 36-49 age group, 582 in the 50-64 age group, 448 in the 65 and older age group, 315 in the 5-17 age group and 44 in the 0-4 group.

Cumulative totals of confirmed cases as of Wednesday were 2,932 in the 0-4 age group, 16,278 in the 5-17 age group, 54,232 in the 18-35 age group, 34,945 in the 36-49 age group, 30,040 in the 50-64 age group and 22,982 in the 65 and older age group. There were 16 listed as unknown age.

Of the overall 1,570 deaths in the state in which the virus was the cause or a contributor, 1,269 have been 65 and older and 238 have been ages 50-64, making up a combined 96% of the total. There have been 47 deaths in the 36-49 age group, 15 in the 18-35 age group and one in the 5-17 age group. More men, 891, than women, 679, have succumbed to the virus, according to OSDH on Wednesday.

Data shows deaths in 71 of Oklahoma’s 77 counties, with 266 in Oklahoma County; 243 in Tulsa County; 117 in Cleveland County; 59 in Rogers County; 44 in Washington County; 43 in McCurtain County; 42 in Creek County; 38 in Delaware County; 35 in Wagoner County; 33 in Garfield County; 29 in Muskogee County; 28 in Caddo County; 27 in Comanche County; 26 in LeFlore County; 25 in Canadian County; 24 each in Jackson and Lincoln counties; 22 in Ottawa County; 21 each in Kay, Pittsburg and Pottawatomie counties; 19 in Grady County; 18 in Osage County; 17 each in Beckham, Bryan, Mayes and Payne counties; 16 each in McClain and Okmulgee counties; 14 in Sequoyah County; 13 each in Adair, Carter and McIntosh counties; 12 in Okfuskee and Stephens counties; 11 each in Custer and Texas counties; 10 each in Cherokee and Garvin counties; nine in Seminole County; eight each in Greer and Pontotoc counties; seven in Hughes County; six each in Haskell, Kingfisher, Kiowa, Pushmataha and Woodward counties; five each in Pawnee and Roger Mills counties; four each in Johnston, Murray, Noble, Nowata and Tillman counties; three each in Choctaw, Cotton, Grant, Latimer and Logan counties; two each in Blaine, Craig, Harper, Jefferson, Major, Marshall and Washita counties; and one each in Atoka, Beaver, Dewey, Love and Woods counties.

Inmates testing positive for COVID-19 in Northwest Oklahoma correctional institutions as of Wednesday were 66 in Charles E “Bill” Johnson Correctional Center in Alva, 87 in James Crabtree Correctional Center in Helena and two in Enid Community Correctional Center. There were 66 in isolation and 85 in quarantine at Bill Johnson CC, 87 in isolation and 598 in quarantine at James Crabtree CC and two in isolation and four in quarantine at Enid CCC, according to the Department of Corrections.

Northwest Oklahoma

COVID-19 data per county released Wednesday by OSDH:

• Garfield with 3,143 cases, 2,593 recovered, 517 active and 33 deaths from Enid and one from Lahoma;

• Woodward with 1,612 cases, 1,386 recovered, 220 active and six deaths, three from Woodward, two William S. Key Correctional Center inmates in Fort Supply, and one from Mooreland;

• Kingfisher with 748 cases, 623 recovered, 119 active and six deaths, three from Okarche, two from Hennessey and one from Kingfisher;

• Woods with 394 cases, 232 recovered, 161 active and one death from Alva;

• Major with 349 cases, 241 recovered, 106 active and two deaths, towns not listed;

• Noble with 342 cases, 251 recovered, 87 active and three deaths, including a Billings man;

• Blaine with 299 cases, 243 recovered, 54 active and two deaths, both from Canton;

• Alfalfa with 257 cases, 146 recovered and 111 active;

• Grant with 177 cases, 135 recovered, 39 active and three deaths, one each from Deer Creek, Medford and Wakita.

Cumulative COVID-19 cases by city or town in Northwest Oklahoma include 2,866 in Enid (468 active); 900 Fort Supply (eight active); 582 in Woodward (181 active); 357 in Alva (152 active); 309 in Kingfisher (39 active); 245 in Hennessey (38 active); 212 in Fairview (68 active); 154 in Helena (92 active); 125 in Watonga (35 active); 99 in Okarche (24 active); 69 in Mooreland (16 active); 61 each in Pond Creek (14 active) and Cashion (21 active); 57 in Waukomis (15 active); 55 in Garber (five active); 51 in Cherokee (eight active); 50 in Lahoma (six active); 49 each in Medford (12 active) and Ringwood (16 active); 48 in Canton (seven active); 46 each in Billings (22 active) and Seiling (18 active); 42 in Okeene (seven active); 39 in Dover (two active); 27 in Cleo Springs (10 active); 23 in Wakita (three active); 21 each in Covington (four active) and Meno (seven active); 19 each in Ames (two active) and Fairmont (two active); 18 in Waynoka (five active); 16 in Kremlin (three active); 15 each in Burlington (two active); Lamont (three active), Longdale (one active), Mulhall (three active) and Nash (one active); 13 each in Orlando (three active) and Sharon (five active); 12 in Drummond (five active); 11 in Aline (five active); 10 in Jet (one active); nine each in Marshall (three active) and Carmen (three active); eight each Deer Creek (six active) and Freedom (two active); seven in Hunter; six each in Dacoma (four active), Hillsdale (one active) and Hitchcock; and five in Goltry (one active), according to data released by OSDH on Wednesday. Residents living in areas with under 100 in population or those with unknown addresses may be recorded as “other.”

In Enid, there have been 1,431 cases, with 1,191 recovered and 21 deaths from the 73701 ZIP code, primarily the eastern half of the city, and 1,405 cases, with 1,151 recovered and 12 deaths from 73703, or the western half, according to OSDH data on Wednesday. There were six recovered cases in the 73705 ZIP code, which is listed as Vance Air Force Base at https://www.unitedstateszipcodes.org/.

OSDH has officially reported 33 deaths both in Enid and Garfield County, but there also was one death reported from Lahoma, which is near the county line for Major, where no deaths have been recently reported by the OSDH. The discrepancy is being investigated by the Health Department, Anthony Triana, OSDH spokesman, said.

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