ENID, Okla. — Most of the state is under a heat advisory from noon until 8 this evening with heat index values — or how hot it will feel — forecast at 105 to 110 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

The forecast for the Enid area calls for mostly sunny, with a high near 103 and south-southwest wind at 10-13 mph. Tonight the low will be at about 77, according to the National Weather Service.

A heat advisory is issued when an extended period of hot temperatures and high humidity combine to create a situation in which heat illnesses are possible, according to the NWS. Health officials recommend drinking plenty of fluids, staying in an air-conditioned room and out of the sun and checking on relatives and neighbors.

Those working or spending time outside should practice extra precautions and, when possible, schedule strenuous activities in early morning or evening, according to the advisory. Light and and loose-fitting clothing is recommended.

To reduce risk during outdoor work, the occupational safety and health administration recommends scheduling frequent rest breaks in shaded or air-conditioned environments. Anyone overcome by heat should be moved to a cool and shaded location. Heat stroke is an emergency, and when those symptoms are apparent 911 should be called.

Signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion may develop suddenly or over time, especially with prolonged periods of exercise. Possible heat exhaustion signs and symptoms include cool, moist skin with goose bumps when in the heat; heavy sweating; faintness; dizziness; fatigue; weak, rapid pulse; low blood pressure upon standing; muscle cramps; nausea; and headache.

Fainting may be the first sign of a heat stroke, but other symptoms include a core body temperature above 104 degrees; throbbing headache; dizziness and light-headedness; lack of sweating despite the heat; red, hot and dry skin; muscle weakness or cramps; nausea and vomiting; rapid heartbeat, which may be either strong or weak; rapid, shallow breathing; behavioral changes such as confusion, disorientation or staggering; seizures and unconsciousness.

Thursday's high temperature is expected to top out in the mid- to upper-90s, but heat index will again top 100. Friday the high is forecast in the low-90s, but temperatures will climb near the century mark again for the weekend.

There is a 15-25% chance of showers for northwest Garfield County this afternoon and early evening, according to the NWS. The chances for rainfall increase overnight to 25-40% and to 40-60% on Thursday, according to the NWS.

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