Lillian LaPrade and Betty Moritz, residents of Enid Senior Care, have been working for several weeks on decorating teddy bears to be given to Toys for Tots.

“All of these were given to us for Toys for Tots,” LaPrade said. “We wanted to decorate them.”

LaPrade and Moritz decorate each stuffed animal to make it a little nicer for the child who will receive it.

“We make bows with ribbons,” LaPrade said. “We sometimes dress them. We have put noses on, too.”

The table LaPrade and Moritz sat at Friday was littered with scraps of ribbon, glue, thread and needles, along with stuffed animals of all shapes, sizes and varieties.

“They aren’t all bears,” Moritz said. “We just decorate what we get.”

LaPrade and Mo-ritz said they want each child to have something special for Christmas.

“All the kids will get something special under the tree,” Moritz said.

Besides giving to the children, LaPrade and Moritz enjoy getting to do the work on the bears.

“We enjoy doing this every year,” LaPrade said.

The women have been working for several weeks and will continue to work until they run out of stuffed animals.

“It keeps going on,” LaPrade said. “Every time we turn around we get more and we keep cutting, sewing and pasting.”

Although LaPrade and Moritz are dedicated to their work, they said there are certain things they don’t give up to work on the bears.

“We work until we are tired,” LaPrade said. “We don’t do it if we have bingo, and we never miss food.”

Kay Myers, activities/social services director for Enid Senior Care, said the women also will make bears for people in need of them at the nursing home.

“If someone is having a bad day, they fix them up a bear and take it to them,” she said.

LaPrade and Moritz said just a couple days ago they fixed up a brown bear for a bedridden fellow resident.

“She held it and slept with it that night,” LaPrade said.

Myers suggests anyone wanting to donate to Toys for Tots or to help LaPrade and Moritz decorate the toys can drop items off at Enid Senior Care.

“Anyone who would like to make donations, we have a Toys for Tots box,” Myers said. “We take not just stuffed toys, but also toys and ribbons for their bears.”

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