By Robert Barron Staff Writer

PEGASYS Executive Director Wendy Quarles will get a raise next year if she raises money for the organization.

The public-access television station has had its budget cut the last three years, until this year. It is operating on 70 percent of original funding, which comes from a Cox Cable franchise fee. The franchise fee is about $350,000 annually.

Under pressure from city administrators, PEGASYS is seeking ways to find more money from outside sources, but that funding has proven elusive.

Quarles' contract was approved last month, but the details of the bonus were not decided until final details were approved Tuesday.

The new contract calls for Quarles to receive a bonus based on the amount of funding raised.

Funding from $25,001 to $35,000 will equal a $1,500 bonus. Larger funding increases will result in a higher bonus, in addition to her $45,000-per-year salary.

Board members also discussed a grant writing contract with Lea Bain of Pathfinders but delayed action following a presentation during executive session.

Quarles told the board she wants to plan a fund-raising event that will grow in size each year.

She told board members seeking grants was a good thing to do, but she wants to couple that activity with a major event each year.

The board also approved the end-of-year report for PEGASYS. Total expenses for the year were $263,000, which was $25,000 less than budgeted.

"We try to hold back some money every year to buy equipment with," Quarles said.

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