Testimony was heard from 11 witnesses Monday afternoon in an evidentiary hearing that has interrupted the murder trial of a man accused of beating two women to death.

Rudarty Red-bone Archilta Sr. faces two counts of first-degree murder in the July 18, 2007, beating deaths of 56-year-old Beaulah Roye Hodges and 32-year-old Pamela Jean LeClair outside their home in the 1300 block of South Jefferson.

Oklahoma Indigent Defense Attorney Gary Henry requested the hearing last week during the trial after the discovery of two reports and two pages of fields notes relating to the case.

Henry, who is representing Archilta, requested the hearing Friday morning. Associate District Judge Tom Newby granted the hearing and ordered all Enid Police Department records open for inspection by the state and defense.

The majority of testimony Monday afternoon focused on two reports written by retired Capt. Randy West and notes taken by Chief Rick West.

Randy testified about tensions he said were apparent to him between detectives and Capt. Dean Grassino when he arrived at scene of the murders July 18, 2007, saying he “took an active as role as I was allowed to,” in the investigation.

“I was told what I was interfering in the investigation and needed to stay out of it more or less,” Randy said.

He said he generated a report from his role in the investigation, including asking an officer to search for a vehicle suspected of being related to the crime. His report included information taken from two pages of field notes taken by his brother Rick.

Randy said he took the completed report and set in on then-Lt. Tom Nichols’ desk. He said the report contained “opinions of” and “derogatory comments” toward Grassino and other investigators at the scene. The report was later returned to him by Rick, who asked him to take out the comments and opinions. A second report was made, and Randy said he left a copy with Rick and another with Nichols.

Henry asked if the report was ever made a part of the official case file.

“It should have been,” Randy said. “Up until recently I found it hadn’t.”

Henry asked Randy if this incident was what led to him leaving the department and Randy replied, “No, sir.”

Assistant District Attorney Mike Fields asked Randy about the parts of the report that were taken out and if any of those included facts pertinent to the investigation.

Randy said he took out the comments he’d made about other investigators but did not change the facts of the case from one report to the next.

Fields asked Randy why he did not follow up to see if the amended report made it into the case file.

“It was not my responsibility,” he said. “I know I was told several times I was interfering so I limited my contact with investigative services.”

Henry asked Randy, “Do you think this investigation is flawed?”

“I believe there were mistakes made, yes,” he answered.

Fields asked, “It’s impossible to conduct a perfect investigation, yes?’

“I would say it is,” Randy replied.

Henry questioned Rick about the two pages of field notes he generated from an interview with a neighbor named Nadine White, who has since passed away, asking if he made a report from those notes.

“I should have,” Rick said. “But Capt. Randy West, I spoke with him and reviewed a report from him that included what I was told and felt it documented it well enough I didn’t do a report.”

Rick said he told Randy to remove “all of his opinions” about the case from his first report and Randy did.

When asked by Henry about his notes, Rick said he had no issues with the notes being part of the case file and said he wished he had written a report from them.

“We may not be here today had I made a report,” he said.

Nichols, now a captain, said Rick brought the two pages of notes to him sometime after July 18, 2007, and asked him to “hold onto them.”

The notes, which were not entered into evidence until Nov. 4, 2009, remained in Nichols office.

He said he found the notes in August as he was moving offices and brought them to a meeting with Fields and an investigator, and that is when the notes were entered into evidence.

The hearing continues at 9 a.m. today.

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