ENID, Okla. — A billboard in Oklahoma City sparked outrage several weeks ago.

The advertisement was for a “Michelle Malkin Investigates” upcoming broadcast, “Daniel in the Den: The Truth About the Holtzclaw Case.”

The show is about Daniel Holtzclaw and the case surrounding his 263-year prison sentence for serial rapes.

The syndicated columnist's show is being aired on CRTV, a subscription-based conservative media outlet, and the advertisement sparked outrage with groups, such as Oklahoma City Artists For Justice, that support Holtzclaw’s victims. The advertisement was removed in the “best interest” of the metro community.

“Daniel in the Den” will be screened at 11 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 10, at the Central National Bank Center, 301 S. Independence Ave, in Enid.

Tickets, which are $7.50, are available at www.eventbrite.com.

Following the screening, Malkin will participate in a Q&A about the episode and her work.

In Enid, Daniel’s family said they hope the show will encourage more people to seek facts on the case as they believe Daniel was a pawn during racially tense times.

“They made him an example during racial tensions,” said Jenny Holtzclaw, Daniel’s older sister and family spokesperson, adding a shooting of a black man by a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo., was around the same time Daniel was arrested. That shooting sparked several nights of rioting.

Jenny said DNA, testimonies and many other factors in the case don’t add up. The family is fighting to prove Daniel’s innocence.

Jenny said the accusers — she refuses to call them victims — had everything to win and nothing to lose.

“The whole beyond reasonable doubt just blows me away with how the jurors could have found him guilty,” she said. “You break down each person’s story and there’s beyond reasonable doubt.”

Kumiko Holtzclaw, Daniel’s mother, said he offered everything — his clothes, a polygraph exam, access to his apartment, his phone — to investigators. 

“I still to this day, till the very end when all the jurors walked past Daniel to go into the back room, they all nodded at Daniel and gave him respect,” Jenny said. “I will never forget one of the ladies (jurors) before the verdict was even read — she lost it. I truly believe as a woman, if you believe Daniel was out there raping women, you wouldn’t have those feelings. You would be happy you were convicting someone.”

During the trial, the family remained silent. They didn’t talk to media outlets, conduct interviews or provide their insights. Looking back, Jenny said they wish they would have.

“We didn’t want it tried in the media, but it was so intense — we should’ve, on hindsight, been more vocal, but we were under the opinion it should’ve been tried in court. But it wasn’t — it was played out in the media,” said Eric Holtzclaw, Daniel’s dad.

Jenny said few media outlets reported when one accuser was unable to point out Daniel in the courtroom as her rapist. Now, the family is hoping to change that one-sided perspective, Jenny said.

This summer “20/20” aired an episode on the case.

“That was the first time we felt the media started showing Daniel’s side, and now with the upcoming Michelle Malkin interview — we’re blessed to have that one be aired,” Jenny said. “She’s the only one asking questions that no one dared to do.”

Eric said Malkin contacted the family, not them contacting her.

“She saw what was going on and she’s not worried about political correctness,” he said.

For more information about the show, visit https://www.crtv.com/about. For more information about Daniel, or the case from the family’s perspective, visit www.freedanielholtzclaw.com or www.Justicefordanielholtzclaw.com/.

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