By Violet Spader

Staff Writer

The circus is part of the heritage of Drummond, and it’s been celebrated in a mural painted by Drummond High School senior Hannah Tuohy, 17.

Campbell Bros. Circus wintered near Drummond in the early 1900s. Baroness Sidonia de Barcsy, aka “the bearded lady,” and her son, Baron Capitan Nicu de Barcsy, “the smallest perfect man on earth,” were part of the circus. Sidonia eventually died in Drummond, and “Little Nick” spent the rest of his life in Drummond and Enid.

Dovie Kaupke, president of Drummond Historical Society, said Madam de Barcsy and Little Nick probably built the first brick house in Drummond.

“When they would come back from their summer tour, they always had a lot of money,” Kaupke said. “I have never heard any stories from anyone that they were not well received.”

The circus-themed mural is in a side hallway at Drummond Public Schools, and the elementary school students walk by it on their way to recess, Tuohy said.

The bearded lady — Tuohy’s favorite character — and Little Nick are painted into the mural, plus others.

“I added some other characters that maybe weren’t actually in the circus,” she said.

As part of Drummond school’s Centennial celebration, Tuohy took the mural idea to the school board and superintendent. After getting the project cleared with administration, she, with the help of fellow students Darcy Tuohy, Frances Mooney and William Neiswanger and teacher Anita Hughes, began painting.

“Everybody walked by while I was painting,” Tuohy said. “They told me ‘good job.’”

Tuohy, whose extracurricular activities in-clude being on the quiz bowl team, class president and band president, found time between classes and during study hall to paint the 9- by 18-foot mural. It took her from Nov. 16 to Dec. 19 to complete. She estimates she spent about 15 hours working on the project.

Tuohy is a “self-taught” artist and wants to study illustration in college.

Her next project will be a sports-themed mural for the gym.

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