County 4-H members receive honors

Brianna Deeds, of Garber 4-H Club, was named this year’s Garfield County Hall of Fame recipient. (Photo provided)

Garfield County 4-H members had another successful year and were honored at their annual reception recently.

The most coveted award is the Garfield County Hall of Fame Award. This year’s recipient was Brianna Deeds. She is a nine-year 4-H member, a member of Oklahoma Key Club and a state project winner in citizenship. Deeds received a $500 scholarship sponsored by the Herbert-Conner family and the traveling trophy.

The 2019 county officers were installed and are : Madison Nickels, Enid, president; Morgan Meyer, Oklahoma Bible Academy, vice president; Ethan Haggard, Kremlin-Hillsdale, secretary; Summer Prince, Garber, reporter; Bailey Hoeltzel, Kremlin-Hillsdale, co-recreation leader; Kylee Sutherland, Enid, co-recreation leader; Hayden Deeds, Garber, boy executive; and Kember Sloat, Garber, girl executive.

Garfield County Trust Authority sponsors the trophies and awards that are given for the judging events at Garfield County Fair. Several members competed in the consumer judging contest and the crops judging contest.

High junior individual consumer judging was Shelbi Prince, Enid, and senior high individual consumer judging was Summer Prince, Garber. High crop judging senior individual was Morgan Meyer, and high crop judging junior individual was Shelbi Prince.

Ethan Haggard was senior individual winner for the FCS Skill-a-thon, and Bailey Nickels, Enid, was the junior individual winner. Bailey Nickels was presented the outstanding exhibitor award.

McCoy Landwehr, Drummond; Harley Holman, Garber; Monte McReynolds, Covington; and Lillie Stowers, Covington-Douglas, all completed their first record book and received T-shirts donated by P&K Equipment.

The Standard of Achievement Award is based on this past year’s work in 4-H. There are five levels, with each level signifying higher levels of participation.

Those receiving the Green Clover Award were Kylee Sutherland, Enid; Chaley and Calecy Nickeson, Kremlin-Hillsdale; Monte McReynolds and Lillie Stowers, Covington-Douglas; and McCoy Landwehr, Drummond.

Those receiving the Bronze Award were Cody Flamm and Joe Sharp, Covington-Douglas; Bailey Nickels, Enid; and Harley Holman and Shelbi Prince, Garber.

The Silver Award went to Summer Prince, Hayden Deeds, Conner Quintero and Kember Sloat, Garber; and Bailey Hoeltzel, Kremlin-Hillsdale.

Madison Nickels, Enid, and Morgan Meyer, OBA, received the Gold Award, and Ethan Haggard, Kremlin-Hillsdale, received the Double Gold award.

Garfield County is the only county in the state to still have a Rural Rotatory organization. The group has ssponsored the Rural Rotatory Leadership Award since 1926. This year’s winner was Brianna Deeds.

Five junior 4-H members received the Blue Award. Selection was based on their record book and an interview. This year’s winners were Shelbi Prince, Bailey Nickels, Summer Prince, Conner Quintero and Hayden Deeds.

American Farmers and Ranchers sponsors the Outstanding Junior 4-H Award, and this year’s winner was Summer Prince. The Farm Bureau Women’s Committee sponsors the Outstanding First Year Member Award, and it went to McCoy Landwehr. Farm Bureau sponsors the $500 Farm Bureau Senior 4-H Scholarship, and it went to Brianna Deeds.

The Danforth I Dare You Award is a recognition of excellence of character and well-balanced development, and this year’s winners were Morgan Meyer and Bailey Hoeltzel.

Five senior 4-H members were chosen for the Blue Award. They were Morgan Meyer, Madison Nickels, Ethan Haggard, Bailey Hoeltzel and Brianna Deeds.

Winning trips is something that each 4-H’er looks forward to. Ethan Haggard was selected this year to attend Denver Western Roundup in January. Bailey Hoeltzel is this year’s recipients of the Citizenship Washington Focus trip. Morgan Meyer will be representing Garfield County at the Nation Congress trip to Atlanta this fall.

Madison Nickels received the Citizenship Award and a $150 check from Farm Credit of Enid. Ethan Haggard received the Leadership Award and a $150 check also sponsored by Farm Credit of Enid. Bailey Hoeltzel received the Achievement Award and a $150 check sponsored by the family of the late Lanora Donahoo, longtime 4-H supporter.

Two outstanding volunteers were honored this year. Samm Hoeltzel won the Outstanding Volunteer for her work with Kremlin-Hillsdale 4-H Club and Science/ Robotics Club, and 13-year volunteer Lacey Deeds won the Lifetime Volunteer Award for her service as Garber 4-H Club leader.

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