City of Enid continues efforts to purchase property

City of Enid efforts continue in the purchase of property near 8th and Garriott.

The city is proceeding with the purchase, City Manager Jerald Gilbert said.

“The contract is with the HD Manning Development Enterprises LLC which John H. Manning Sr., signed as the president of the LLC. The city believes he was authorized to do (so) by the LLC operating statement. The property is working through the closing process and a closing date has not been determined yet,” he said.

Manning's sister, who says she is the manager of the LLC, claims her brother does not have a right to sell the property. Olive Jackson, of Henderson, Nev., declined a city of Enid offer on the property in May. She has since listed the property for sale with Coldwell Banker.

Jackson said Manning is an inactive partner in the corporation, and owns 15 percent of the property. He has no right to sell the property, and his attorney has told him he does not have the right to sell it. Manning has tried to rescind the contract, in a letter he sent after Nov. 16.

Information on the LLC, available from the state, details Manning is not the managing partner, and does not have authority to sell the property, Jackson said.

Gilbert previously said Manning, who was understood to be the president of HD Manning Development Enterprises, gave a copy of the operating agreement for the LLC, which states Manning had authority to legally transact business on its behalf. 

"That's what we relied upon in moving forward with that contract," Gilbert said. 

On Wednesday, Jackson said the city of Enid is not proceeding with the purchase.

"My brother. I don't know what they're going to get out of him because he doesn't have any rights to anything. I don't understand it, I just don't understand it," she said. "I'm the manager, they haven't consulted with me, so they can't pursue anything. 

"My real estate company is handling all of that, so if they want to purchase it from them, they're more than welcome to."

Jackson noted Manning has sent the city of Enid letters.

"They're saying that that letter didn't hold water," she said.

The city of Enid is bypassing the agent address in Oklahoma, and contacting Manning in Texas, Jackson said.

"He's not even supposed to be getting any correspondence for the corporation," she said.

Enid City Commission approved purchasing the property, near Government Springs South Park, during a Nov. 15 meeting. In the meeting, it was stated the purchase was for the expansion of the park, but Ward 3 Commissioner Ben Ezzell has since disclosed plans for the property may include a casino — which was discussed during an executive session later in the Nov. 15 meeting.

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