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ENID, Okla. — Enid City Commission heard an update on the Kaw Lake water supply project, discussed what soon will be an updated floodplain ordinance and made numerous appointments to city boards in short meetings Tuesday evening.

The city first met in study session, where commissioners heard an update on the Kaw Lake water supply project.

Michael Graves, vice president of Garver Engineering, updated commissioners on easement acquisition and the construction manager at risk schedule.

The pipeline is split into eight sections titled Wheat Capital, Breckenridge Prairie, Garber, Billings Frontier, Indian Meridian, Salt Fork, Arkansas River and Kaw.

Graves said all survey tasks are on schedule for the end of May, with the exception of a few parcels in the process of being accessed. He said the topographical survey is complete for the Indian Meridian, Salt Fork, Arkansas River and Kaw sections.

The project is on schedule to provide 30 percent plans updated based on the survey by the end of July.

On the land acquisition side of the project, Graves said there are currently 227 parcels of land impacted by the existing alignment of the pipeline.

Of those 227 parcels, Graves said when updated he numbers last week, 61 percent are in the stage he calls offer packets in preparation.

About 9 percent of the parcels are in the stage he called "developing the notice of intent," or pending offer delivery. Another 24 percent have had offers made and are pending owner acceptance. The other 6 percent, 13 parcels, have accepted easement offers.

However, by Tuesday's study session, Graves said the percent of owners having accepted easement offers had increased to 10 percent.

An updated project schedule also was provided, which showed a project close out date between Dec. 9, 2022, and April 24, 2023.

Graves also gave commissioners a timeline for the construction manager at risk process. Beginning in March, the city sent out a request for qualifications. Through the first quarter of April, the schedule shows the city will determine the a list of the best qualified firms.

Following that, the city will solicit construction manager at risk requests for proposals from April 9 to May 8, and then will select the best-qualified firm meeting Enid's needs between May 9 and May 23.

The schedule showed the city is expected to possibly award a contract and issue notice to proceed by June 20. Should the city proceed with a construction manager at risk method, Graves hopes to have a guaranteed maximum price by established by Jan. 17, 2020.

Following the Kaw Lake update, engineering officials talked to commissioners about the updated Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) federal flood insurance rate map (FIRM), along with reviewing the accompanying floodplain ordinance.

Murali Katta-Muddanna, of the city's engineering department, said the city adopted FIRM in 1979, and it allows residents to purchase flood insurance and regulates the floodplain. He said it was last updated in 2012, and a required update is due by June 7 this year.

One change is adding a fencing guide line reference, which allows parallel fences outside of the floodway, along with a reduction on restrictions on access improvement.

There were just two map changes, Katta-Muddanna said, adding a study area for the Meadowlake tributaries and west Boggy Creek.

A provided schedule for FEMA/FIRM showed the ordinance was filed with Oklahoma Water Resources Board on Feb. 1, and both the ordinance and map will be adopted by the city by the June 7 deadline.

Finally, to round out study session, city officials presented a tentative schedule for this year's budget process.

Officials said budget requirements include the budget be presented 30 days prior to the new fiscal year, a budget hearing by held 15 days before the fiscal year with advertising for it five days before the hearing, and the budget being approved seven days prior to the new fiscal year.

The tentative budget schedule presented showed the fiscal year 2019-20 draft budget to be distributed April 26, a special budget meeting May 2, a budget hearing and budget discussion May 6, another special budget meeting May 9, and a tentative approval date during the city commission meeting May 21.

Commissioners present expressed interest in moving the first meeting into the following week after the terms of Mayor Billy Shewey, Ward 5 Commissioner Tammy Wilson and Ward 1 Commissioner Ron Janzen expire and soon-to-be Ward 1 Commissioner Jerry Allen, Ward 5 Commissioner Rob Stallings and Mayor George Pankonin take office. A replacement commissioner for Pankonin in Ward 6 hasn't been chosen yet.

The commission's regular meeting was short, with the main order of business being to appoint residents to a variety of the city's boards.

Commissioners appointed incumbent Whitney Hall to Metropolitan Area Planning Commission; incumbent Donald John to Park Board; incumbent John Arend to the Board of Adjustment; and David Lawrence to Construction Board of Appeals.

For a vacancy on Enid Joint Recreation Triad, commissioners voted in a 3-3 tie between incumbent Lynn Snow and Cole Wasinger. Commissioner Derwin Norwood was absent. A motion was made to table the appointment for the next meeting.

Enid City Commission also unanimously approved to fill five vacancies to Aviation Advisory Board by re-appointing Jack Beam and Daniel Heath, along with appointing John Epley, Mark Keefer and Lou Mintz.

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