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Enid City Commission awarded a contract to the lowest bidder, a Tulsa company, to demolish city-owned structures in the Lahoma Courts addition during a meeting Tuesday afternoon.

The city will pay $99,315 to American Demolition to demolish 18 structures in the addition, with the possible addition of five structures “currently under contract to be removed, in the event the contractor is unable to perform the work,” according to information provided by the city of Enid.

City Manager Jerald Gilbert said all of the properties the city owns will be torn down by Nov. 30.

"Along with that, there (are) five properties that, at least four of them right now, look like they can be moved," he said, adding the structures will be removed prior to Nov. 30. "So, the idea is that with this demolition approval, this contract, we would be able to demolish all the homes that we own, minus the ones that get moved."

If the homes are not moved, American Demolition will demolish the homes, Gilbert said.

Four properties remain to be acquired by the city in the addition. If the city is able to acquire those properties, American Demolition will demolish them as well, he said.

Gilbert also updated the commission on a fuel station, at 2325 W. Garriott, which was part of the city's property acquisition.

He said the property will be vacated by Oct. 15, and City Attorney Andrea Chism said she had learned the occupants were vacating it Tuesday.

Gilbert said, to his knowledge, the $2,500 a month rent for the property had not been paid to the city.

"They owe $15,000," Chism said, noting the rent had not been paid for six months.

Gilbert said city officials would talk to the occupants about paying the rent but noted officials have been focused on getting the occupants moved out.

Chism mentioned the possibility of recouping the funds in district court.

"If they haven't paid in six months, they're not likely to pay," Mayor Bill Shewey said.

American Demolition was the lowest of five bidders. The other bidders were DT Specialized Services Inc., of Tulsa, $110,987; Jackson's Wrecking & Demolition, of Enid, $134,370; ECO Alliance, of Enid, $138,624; and K & MM Wrecking LLC, of Oklahoma City, $202,209.

The city of Enid has been working to acquire 23 properties in the addition. Expenses for obtaining the properties, and preparing the full parcel of land for development, will be recouped when the property is sold for an estimated $3.07 million to Hunt Properties — which has plans for retail development at the location.

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