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Enid Police Department is investigating complaints made by east-side residents of electronic interference over their televisions, radios, telephones and toys.

“Victims have reported continued and repeated interference from CB radio users located within their respective neighborhoods,” EPD Chief Rick West said. “These CB radios are causing bleed-over on residential TVs, telephones and other electronic equipment, which unnecessarily and understandably disturbs the people who are trying to relax within their homes.”

The interference is so strong at times, West said, all people can hear is the CB conversation, which at times is vulgar and profane.

The most recent complaints have come from the 600 block of East Locust, Capt. Dean Grassino said.

“That seems to be the area generating the most complaints,” he said, referring to an area extending a few blocks around where the complaints are coming from.

“We encourage people who are the victim of this type of continual and repeated harassment to contact the police department,” Capt. Dean Grassino said. “These events are criminal Class A offenses, and once a police report is made, we will warn the perpetrator. If they continue to violate the ordinance after being warned, we will prosecute them.

“Once found guilty, a Class A offense could cost them up to $544 and 60 days in jail or both.”

The first violations would be handled through municipal court.

If the problem continues, charges will go through Garfield County District Court, West said.

The punishment for a misdemeanor charge in district court is up to a year in county jail, a fine of up to $1,000 or both. The penalties increase for subsequent convictions.

Anyone with information that leads to an arrest or prosecution is urged to call Garfield County Crime Stoppers at 233-6233. Callers can earn an reward up to $1,000, will not be identified and will not be required to testify. Resi-dents also can call EPD at 242-7000.

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