Astronomy is a topic that can never be exhausted.

And that's good, because sometime I feel like I repeat myself a lot.

It is, of course, good to repeat some topics several times. You never know who has or hasn't read what, and perhaps a second column will shed more light on a particular topic that another didn't do a good job of a year or so ago.

But, I'm thinking about trying something new.

I would like you, my (our) wonderful readers, to submit your questions about our universe.

That's right, I am creating a mailbag for you to submit your questions.

Each week, if there are enough, I will choose one or two questions to expound upon in either the next column or an upcoming column.

I welcome questions from all readers. The little ones, I realize, won't have email addresses, but parents are welcome to send me emails with questions their children might have about space. Of course, I welcome more involved questions as well, from some of our older readers.

This helps me accomplish two things (well, maybe three): being involved with my reading audience, answering some of the questions you guys have and letting you lead the discussion, and help me come up with a topic when I might not have readily though of one.

Want to talk about aliens? No problem. We'll talk about aliens. Want to talk about Saturn's rings? Black holes? We can talk about all those too.

Not being a professional astronomer, I may have to do a little research, depending on the question. But I do have three years of college experience and several years of physics and astronomy education under my belt, so I should be able to answer pretty much anything you throw at me.

So let's have a discussion. Email me your questions at

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Malan is entertainment editor and astronomy columnist for the News & Eagle.

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