ENID, Okla. — Hearings set Friday for former jail staff in the death of an inmate and the sheriff in a case of nepotism are postponed until January.

Texas County District Judge Jon Parsley moved Friday's hearings into next month to allow a specially appointed prosecutor time to respond to numerous motions filed in the first-degree manslaughter cases of Jennifer Shay Niles, former jail administrator, and John Robert Markus and Shawn Caleb Galusha, former jailers.

The three were charged in February with felony first-degree manslaughter in the June 2016 death of Anthony Huff and arraigned March 23. A preliminary hearing was held Aug. 7-10 and the three were bound over for trial. Sheriff Jerry Niles, who also was charged with manslaughter, was not bound over for trial.

The four were indicted last summer following the convening of a grand jury. Indictments handed up by the grand jury included the four and two nurses, Vanisa Jo Gay and Lela June Goatley, who were working at the jail at the time of Huff’s death.

The indictments were unsealed July 25, 2017, and each was charged with a single felony count of second-degree manslaughter. The indictments were dismissed in December, when District 26 District Attorney Christopher Boring, who was appointed to prosecute the cases, announced his intention to refile them as criminal charges. Charges were dropped against Gay and charges were not refiled against Goatley.

Jerry Niles faces two misdemeanor counts of nepotism. A second appeal hearing will be heard in February to see if the sheriff will face a charge of manslaughter. Boring is appealing the ruling of the Court of Criminal Appeals, which upheld the ruling of a district court judge that there was not enough evidence for Jerry Niles to stand trial for manslaughter.

Online court dockets in each of the cases did not show a specific date for the next hearings.

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Rains is police and court reporter for the Enid News & Eagle. Follow him on Twitter, @cassrains. He can be reached at crains@enidnews.com.

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