Twelve-year-old Kemaria Grayson and her cousins dished out plenty of stew and cornbread Wednesday to people who needed it.

"It's great that we are able to help people and make them do well, like we are," she said.

Kemaria, who attends the 6th and 7th Grade Academy, spent Wednesday afternoon serving hot beef stew and corn bread from a table set up in the Super Quik Convenience Store parking lot. Some cousins helped with serving.

Sisters Emmariee and Kamariee Taylor, 8 and 7, stood by the corner of K Street and Okmulgee Avenue holding handmade signs: "Hot meals & Blankets" and "No one should go hungry; free meals, free blankets."

Keneisha Jones, the sisters' mother, said her children wanted to "give back to the community."

"We live down the street and we always see people out laying around in the cold, no blankets or nothing," Jones said. "We just want to give out blankets and hot meals."

The family set up their impromptu stew table about 1 p.m. Wednesday. Jones said they had two pots of stew. People also were able to get blankets and a few hats and gloves from a wagon.

"We're trying to be out more in the community," she said. "You'll probably see the kids more. We call them J.T. Kids."

The J.T. means Jones and Taylor. The children are homeschooled.

Mario Taylor, the father, said Wednesday was the first time they set up their table. He said his niece, Kemaria, helped.

"We actually had people drive up, get meals. We had people giving out donations," said Mario Taylor. "People stopped by telling us they liked seeing what the kids were doing."

Jones said the family plans to continue helping people. She has not determined another time or place yet.

"Probably within the next month or so," she said. "I just feel like nobody should be going hungry or cold."

Jones said she works at the Fairfield Inn and that she and Taylor also are contracted with APEX theaters.

Taylor said they are not working through a church or charity by serving the stew.

"We're just a fun-filled family full of kids," he said. "We always wanted to show love. We want to help as many people as we can." 

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