I grew up on pop and electronic music, which is just about the furthest thing from rock music.

For one night, however, ZZ Top made me forget that I had.

The well-known rock group, comprised of Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard, pulled in a near capacity crowd to Stride Bank Center in Enid amid a damp and muddy Wednesday evening.

It was not an overly raucous crowd, but one that was excited to see one of their favorite bands perform in Enid, Okla.

Before ZZ Top took the stage, Marquise Knox, a blues musician from St. Louis, had a memorable performance which included not only fantastic blues music but a really good joke, which is too long to repeat on here. Knox ought to be invited back to Enid at some point in some capacity, as he was a worthy opener for the rock legends.

After Knox's half-hour performance, Gibbons, Hill and Beard took the stage to what I believe was "Got Me Under Pressure" (if not, send me an email and let me know; my knowledge on ZZ Top obviously isn't as deep as others). The group then launched into a number of songs, finally taking a breather after about four or five to briefly chat with the full and pumped-up crowd.

With some musicians, when you see them perform, it's clear that they want to roll through the set list and get out of town. There are a few shows I've seen where it appeared to be this way. That wasn't the case with ZZ Top; they took the time to entertain those who came to saw them. This included congratulating a woman who was holding up a sign about it being her 50th birthday (happy birthday) and a tale about an early-morning run to Waffle House and a smorgasbord of fried fare — the location I didn't quite catch.

The musical highlight of the show was two songs back-to-back in the latter half of the set: "Sharp Dressed Man" and "Legs." ZZ Top performed the latter with what I can only describe as "furry" guitars (someone can send me an email on that, too).

The hour-and-a-half set wrapped up with an encore that consisted of a couple of hits that had the crowd just as pumped from the start.

It's definitely not a stretch to say ZZ Top had one of the most memorable performances at the Stride Bank Center.

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