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Trails expansion, Willow Road widening projects added back into Enid city budget

City budget compromise

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City of Enid

Enid City Commission will finance $5.02 million in projects and fund some previously cut projects — including Enid Trail System improvements — as part of a compromise reached Tuesday.

Funding has been cut for 17 capital improvement projects originally in the fiscal year 2015-16 budget — beginning July 1.

After a June 3 city commission meeting, some projects remained in limbo, including a $3 million Willow Road widening project.

During that meeting, Ward 6 Commissioner David Vanhooser proposed financing the project — a method the city has been advised will boost its position for future financing of a water pipeline to Kaw Lake — but the motion did not draw the required six votes to seek financing.

Following the failed motion, Ward 3 Commissioner Ben Ezzell proposed funding an East Broadway water line relocation, Broadway trail improvements and Vance Air Force Base trail design, but the motion also failed when it did not draw six votes.

With the commission voting 7-0 to approve the compromise — a proposal drafted by Ezzell and Vanhooser — Tuesday, financing will be sought for the Willow Road widening project and East Broadway water line relocations. The Broadway trail improvements and the Vance trail design will be funded through the budget, rather than cut.

The cuts came after a majority of Enid Municipal Authority — made up of city commissioners — did not vote to finance some capital improvements during a May 21 meeting.

At that time, City Manager Jerald Gilbert said he would bring proposed budget cuts back to the commission.

Under the compromise, there will be $5.1 million in funded or partially funded projects, while $7.3 million in projects will be cut:

Cut projects

• East Broadway mill and overlay, $630,000.

• Sidewalk partnership program, $50,000.

• Commercial sidewalk partnership program, $50,000.

• Trail improvements phase VII — downtown, $500,000.

• Trail improvements phase VII — Crosslin parking, $30,000.

• Traffic signal upgrades for the major intersections along West Garriott, phase 1, $150,000.

• Leonardo’s sidewalk improvement, $100,000.

• Meadowlake boathouse design, $30,000.

• Library retaining wall replacement, $50,000.

• Cleveland and Chestnut intersection — right of way and utilities, $750,000.

• Cleveland and Chestnut to half a mile north — right of way and utilities, $600,000.

• Cleveland and Chestnut intersection construction, $1.35 million.

• Oakwood Road sanitary sewer relief line, $400,000.

• Sanitary sewer master plan update, $200,000.

• Water Reclamation Facility final clarifier covers, $300,000.

• Boggy Creek peak flow basin acquisition, 10th Street, $306,360.

• Diamond software, $300,000.

To be financed projects

• East Broadway water line relocations, $570,000.

• Willow Road widening project — from Cleveland to Oakwood — $3 million.

• Well field improvements and replacement of wells, $750,000.

• Alternate water supply development, $700,000.

Partially funded projects

• Enid entryway signs — funding was cut from $130,000 to $110,000.

• Water supply development — funding was cut from $250,000 to $150,000.

• Water plant meter replacement, plant 2, Cleo/Ringwood — funding was cut from $214,000 to $150,000.

• Water main replacement program and downtown incentive program — funding was cut from $500,000 to $100,000, with it being noted city officials will work out the logistics of the program to see how far $100,000 might be stretched.

• Contract filming — funding was cut from $25,000 to $10,000.

• Arts Commission — funding was cut from $30,000 to $10,000.

• Enid Youth Council — funding was cut from $12,500 to $5,000.

Retained projects

• East Cherokee reconstruction, $200,000.

• Trail improvements phase VII — Broadway, $400,000.

• Trail improvements phase VII — Vance Air Force Base design to connect the trail system to the base, $70,000.

• Glenwood Safe Route to School, $205,000.

• Landfill cell 10E construction, $850,000.

• ADA compliance, $300,000.

• Intersection improvement — 42nd and U.S. 412, $375,000.

• Crack seal project for roads, $100,000.

• St. Mary’s bridge, $300,000.

• Sanitary sewer relief line at Hoover splash pad, $75,000.

• Inflow and Infiltration identification and removal, $750,000.

• West Garriott sanitary sewer extension, which will extend the sanitary sewer main serving Evandale addition and World Harvest Church west across South Garland, $750,000. The city will apply a capital recovery program to the land prior to executing a contract for construction, according to the proposal.

• Basin 1J and 1K flow monitoring, $50,000.

• Cleo Springs pump station replacement, $150,000.

There also were $486,205 in cuts to general fund personnel and $198,517 in cuts to Enid Municipal Authority personnel.

Vanhooser previously explained these amounts represent the elimination of budgeted overtime pay and some advertised positions that will not be filled.

“Last year, before (former city manager) Eric (Benson) left, he ran all the personnel at 10 percent below budget. And the way he did that was to basically not replace some nonessential employees that were retiring, or whatever,” he said. “He eliminated overtime, which is also already pre-budgeted in the budget. He put a halt to overtime.”

This upcoming year, personnel will be run at 5 percent below budget, Vanhooser said.

“So, really, not much impact. It only takes a couple of open positions that are posted but not filled to kind of balance that out,” he said.

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