Building on Tradition is a special section that will publish in the Enid News & Eagle for eight Sundays in February, March and April 2019. The section is designed to feature individuals, businesses and organizations in Enid and Northwest Oklahoma that work every day for the betterment of the region and its residents. This section, which published Feb. 17, 2019, focuses on the health care industry, its members, careers and concerns.

Other sections include:

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• Building on Tradiiton: Community Service, April 14, 2019


"One medical study indicates that hearing technology can stall dementia because of the persistent input to the brain. Another indicated that hearing impaired people with this technology were less likely to be isolated and lonely, especially as they got older." — Carmen Ball, Hedges Speech and Hearing

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"The amazing thing about the eye and the reason why that’s so important is the eye is the only place in the body that you can see blood vessels without having to cut into you. So whatever’s happening in those blood vessels in the back of your eye is happening elsewhere in your body." — Justin Funk, optometrist

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The state of Oklahoma has the third-highest adult obesity rate nationally and fifth-highest for adolescents, according to data from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Obesity is a problem that has been discussed at length, but the rates continue to rise, regardless.