WAUKOMIS, Okla. — Oklahoma has not been a state known for its luxury retreats. It is a farming state, known for its incredible agricultural achievements and family farms that fuel the nation. It is an oil state, with hard-working people at rigs to keep the country running. It is not a retreat state.

In Waukomis, however, there sits a bed and breakfast right next to a vineyard. A rooster named Brewster sits in the henhouse on the property, crowing throughout the day to let the world know who’s boss. A small garden grows fresh fruit and vegetables for the guests. A barn house with high ceilings and framed memories looks over the land. Buffalo Point retreat in Oklahoma is an Oklahoman retreat.

The property was first bought by Mo and Richard Anderson as a vacation home for their family. Construction for Buffalo Point began in 2011 and continued in small pieces since then, constantly renovating and updating the luxury location.

After several years of enjoying Buffalo Point on their own, the Andersons decided to open the property up as a public bed and breakfast for “people to come together and celebrate life’s special moments and milestones.”

There are multiple packages available to potential guests of the site, from private dinner parties for a few friends to weddings with rooms for the entire bridal party to enjoy. Each package offers different amenities, of which Buffalo Point has many.

Several locations on the property act as slices of home for guests who stay the night. The Pioneer House has four bedrooms, a kitchen and multiple family rooms to entertain or be entertained in.

In the Land Run Suite, two more bedrooms, a kitchen and a spacious living room offer an intimate space for a smaller group to enjoy.

The Chisholm Trail Room, located in a secluded and private area, acts as a pre-wedding suite for a couple at Buffalo Point on their special day.

In addition to the guest lodgings, Buffalo Point has a pool that overlooks a vineyard where they grow the grapes for their own wine. Both a hot tub and small waterfall flow into the pool as an outdoor fireplace nearby keeps the area warm for a late-night swim.

The barn house, the largest feature of Buffalo Point, is a spacious building for entertaining large groups or hosting special business meetings. Directly next to it lies the garden, where fresh produce is picked and used in the catering provided on site.

Just beyond the garden is a greenhouse and chicken coop. Brewster the Rooster, along with a few hens, keep watch over the property from their little home.

The hosts of the property, Gwen and Doug Pethoud, assist the chickens in maintaining the property. They are almost always available to answer questions, fix a problem, or share a fun story with the guests.

“I just love people,” Gwen said one sunny Saturday afternoon as she showed off the property. Despite the heat blistering people’s backs, the rooms felt cool and crisp on skin warm from wandering through the garden.

The property also features an uncountable number of framed memories, historical items and delicately selected decorations from Mo Anderson herself. Mo loves history, Gwen said, and she loves remembering it through little artifacts people can hold onto.

Buffalo Point will soon open for hosting once final renovations finish, but people are already looking to book the property for their events, Gwen said.

“It feels like that dam is about to break.”

It’s true that Oklahoma is not known as a retreat state. It’s known for agriculture and oil. It’s known for hardworking families and a connection to the land. With the addition of Buffalo Point, a truly Oklahoman retreat, the state may come to be known for the beauty its residents have always loved it for.

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