Settlers Brewing Co.

Chandler Hofen (left) and his stepfather Thomas Rowe pose in front of Settlers Brewing Co. Tuesday, June 25, 2019. 

ENID, Okla. — A new brewery is set to open in Enid in mid-September.

Settlers Brewing Co., started by owner Thomas Rowe, is undergoing renovations at its location at 202 E. Randolph. The brewery will have a bar, table area and an upstairs private room.

This will be the second brewing company to open in town, and Rowe said he looks forward to collaborating with Enid Brewing Co. to support the community once Settlers Brewing opens.

Although Rowe enjoys brewing, he said his desire to give back added another reason he decided to start the brewery. The company will donate a portion of proceeds every month to a different charity, with a specific tap designated for that charity.

“I started homebrewing in the early '90s,” Rowe said. “My wife and I have been to many breweries throughout the country and just always enjoyed the atmosphere in one, and we were trying to figure out a business that could help support help local children, so we decided a brewery was the best way to do that.”

They are working with a local company on providing food service and hope to provide power for food trucks to plug into in addition to serving drinks.

“We’ll have a wide variety of beers, from pilsners and white ales all the way up to stouts, including some IPAs,” Rowe said. “We are going to be looking at in the future doing some ciders, we’ll make some sodas. We want this to be a family atmosphere.”

Rowe’s stepson, Chandler Hofen, is helping with renovations and will help run the brewery once it opens.

“We’re just trying to make another place for people to go and just hang out, get out of the house” Hofen said. “Bring their families, come down, maybe play some cornhole outside, parents can have a beer, kids can have a soda; just a nice place to hang out with your family.”

Rowe and his wife have lived in Enid for 17 years and both worked in the education system, which led them to a desire to devote some of their proceeds toward helping children in need, Rowe said. Rowe hopes to run the brewery while also coaching for the school district, but he’s had to take a yearlong hiatus to get the company up and running.

“Our mission is really to support local charities. That’s really what we want to do,” Rowe said. “That’s just a need that we think is really needed here in Enid.”

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