By Cheryl Licklider

Dave Cameron went from scoring hoops to chasing checkered flags as he made the transition from all-around high school athlete to stock car driver. Cameron demonstrated a deep-rooted competitive spirit as he starred on the Hennessey basketball team and led them to the state playoffs several years ago. He now satisfies his need for aggressive competition on the high-banked oval at Enid Motor Speedway on Saturday nights.

"Racing is a lot of fun," said Cameron. "Driving is a challenge. You can go from being the best car one week to the dog the next, pulling in because your car is overheating."

Cameron became fascinated with the sport while serving on the pit crew of racing sensation Danny Bossa. Cameron said Bossa and Gary Macy have been incredible mentors and instrumental in his racing career.

"Gary and Danny have preached and preached to me on how to drive," he said. "The night I won the feature Gary took me aside and told me what to do. I did it, and it worked."

Cameron made his debut in the motorsports world last season in the mini stock division. This year he made a big leap as he embarks on his rookie season in the competitive factory stock division.

"Mini stock was a fun class to start out in, but I enjoy the factory stock division more," said Cameron. "The factory stock has a lot more speed and power steering."

Cameron's quick No. 79 factory stock was built by the Chickering family from Piedmont and is powered by a motor built by Bossa. David Brown painted the sharp ride and Mitzi from Sign-It-Signs lettered it.

His faithful crew members include Bossa, Macy, Chance Gaither, Logan Macy and Amanda Snapp.

"I appreciate all of the help from my crew members," said Cameron. "I was the world's worst mechanic when I started this venture. I've had a one-year crash course with Danny and Gary teaching me a lot. I definitely couldn't do this without them. I still don't have a clue about some stuff."

Cameron said his goals this season are to finish in the top 10, learn a lot about the division and have a good time.

"I just wished I would have started racing when I was younger," said Cameron. "I'm 34 years old and a rookie."

During the week Cameron stays busy with his company, C-Stops, and working on race cars. About a dozen drivers live in Hennessey, and Cameron said they spend a lot of hours hanging out and helping each other during the week. They also play softball, basketball and golf together.

"I have 13 employees in my company, and they support me 100 percent," said Cameron. "I want to thank all of them for their encouragement."

Cameron enjoys the factory stock division and plans to continue his quest for the checkered flag. He is spreading his passion for the sport by helping his crew member Gaither build a mini stock.

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