Senior quarterback Cole Whatley has completed 19 of 30 passes for 245 yards, four touchdowns and one interception for the undefeated, No. 1-ranked Pioneer Mustangs this season. He also rushed six times for 141 yards and two touchdowns in last week's 46-12 win over Cherokee.

News -- Eagle: You were on the Enid Majors baseball team that won the American Legion World Series, but you didn't make the trip to Pine Bluff, Ark., for the Mid-South Regional or to Rapid City, S.D., for the World Series so you could practice football. Who's decision was that?

Whatley: It was my decision. I would have loved to go, but I think I made the right decision in staying here with the team and working hard because we're doing pretty good now.

News -- Eagle: Did you keep up with the Majors as they made their run?

Whatley: I was listening to it on the radio, just about every game.

News -- Eagle: What was it like for you listening to the games?

Whatley: I just wanted to be there with them, but I knew I had to stay.

It was pretty exciting. I was happy for those guys.

News -- Eagle: Did you talk to any of the players afterward?

Whatley: I didn't talk to them until they got back. I talked to a couple of guys, and they said it was a blast.

News -- Eagle: Do you think not going has helped you in football?

Whatley: I think it has because if I would have gone, I would have missed two weeks of school and a couple of scrimmages. It would have been hard for me to just catch up and be ready to go.

News -- Eagle: Your passing game has been efficient this season. Has not going helped your timing with your receivers?

Whatley: That's one of the benefits of staying was getting the timing down of everything -- running plays, passing plays, the routes with the receivers. If I went I'd still be playing catch-up probably.

News -- Eagle: What was the Mustangs' attitude like in preseason?

Whatley: We knew we had one of the best teams in the state, and we had the first three games against ranked opponents. We knew we had to win those games to show how good we are.

We showed a lot by shutting out Alex and OBA and beating Morrison.

News -- Eagle: Would winning a state championship do anything to make up for missing the American Legion World Series?

Whatley: A state championship is my goal. I think it's every senior's goal, but I think we have a great chance this year. It would be great to win a state championship.

News -- Eagle: Would not making the state final be a big disappointment for you guys?

Whatley: I think it would be. That's our goal is to be in the state championship. And being ranked No. 1 like we are now, to not make it would be a huge disappointment.

News -- Eagle: Do you plan on playing Legion ball this summer?

Whatley: Yeah, I plan on playing again. I want to be at that World Series. That's where I want to be.

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