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April 24, 2014

Better get your popcorn ready

By Joe Malan, GetOut! editor
Enid News & Eagle

— You gotta love the Syfy channel.

I mean, who doesn’t love instant-classic movies like “Sharknado,” “Piranhaconda” and “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid”?

I know I do.

This past weekend, Syfy gave us all another gem with “Big Ass Spider!”

Yup, you heard me correctly.

(Normally I can’t put the A-word in the paper, but if it’s in quotes, hey, I get away with it!)

“Big Ass Spider!” was about — yep, you guessed it — a humongous spider that inflicts its wrath upon the poor, unsuspecting residents of Los Angeles (or of one building, at least).

The plot is similar to other movies of the same ... genre. In a nutshell, a giant alien spider escapes from a military laboratory, grows to a gargantuan size and begins to wreak havoc. It’s then up to a rogue team of scientists to put it in its place.

The film “stars” Greg Grunberg, Ray Wise, Clare Kramer, Lin Shaye and Lombardo Boyar.

Believe it or not, according to, this film was nominated for a 2014 Saturn Award in the category of Best DVD Release.

I’ll admit, I didn’t watch the whole thing. I had the first 30 minutes of it on at work (only because the OKC Thunder game was at halftime), and I caught the end — I mean, the VERY end — at home. I intend to, at some point, go back and watch the ridiculousness in its full glory.

Movies like this have gained a cult following around the world. Just what is it about these films that get a rise out of us? Is it the sheer stupidity? The humor? The action? (OK, so it might not have action on the same level as the newest “Captain America” flick, but these movies have SOME action.)

And, there’s plenty to choose from. I’ve named just a few of the many quality films Syfy offers on a weekly basis.

So if you get time out of your busy schedule, why not check out one of these movies? You’ve got nothing to lose and, hey, you just might enjoy it.

Besides, who’s going to miss “Sharknado 2! The Second One”?

I know I can’t.

Joe Malan is GetOut! editor. Email him at