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June 5, 2014

Keep it in the clubhouse

By Joe Malan, GetOut! editor
Enid News and Eagle

— By now, I’m sure many of you have seen rapper 50 Cent throw out the first pitch at a New York Mets game.

Of course, by “first pitch,” I mean whatever it was that happened before the actual first pitch of the game was thrown.

Ya know, by a professional baseball player.

To be honest, it looked like 50 stuck his hand in a tub of Country Crock and then went to the mound, already determined to throw the worst pitch that ever existed.

Now, I shouldn’t make fun of 50 ... or make fun of ONLY him, that is. Carly Rae Jepsen had a howler a year or two ago.

Not to be outdone, the Detroit Tigers invited RoboCop to throw out the first pitch at Comerica Park on Tuesday evening.

It’s anyone’s guess as to who was under the suit — I doubt it was Joel Kinnaman, the star of the 2014 rendition of “RoboCop.”

Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t.

But the result was a little disappointing — albeit nowhere near as bad as 50’s effort.

I’m sure there are some celebrities out there that can throw a fastball right down the middle of home plate. But maybe there should be auditions for these people before they get out there and embarrass a) themselves and b) the home team.

OK, OK, so first pitches are all in good fun. But you REALLY don’t want to see another “50 Cent,” do you?

You do?

Thought so.


So I saw the “RoboCop” reboot Wednesday night on Suddenlink On Demand.

Not too bad.

I feel like the movie was a little rushed. For example, regarding the guy who eventually became RoboCop, I felt his story could be explained a little bit more. I thought there definitely were some plot holes. Some of the movie also seemed as if I had seen it before in another movie.

As with other movies, I’m not going to spoil the plot. I rate movies in terms of whether I’d spend theater price or DVD/streaming price on them. It cost $5 to rent RoboCop, which I’d say is right under or just about right.

So, go see “RoboCop.” Just hope it isn’t on a baseball diamond.

Joe Malan is GetOut! editor. Email him at