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October 26, 2012

Romney still commands Oklahoma's seven electoral votes

ENID, Okla. — For those closely watching the electoral college's movement this year, Oklahoma has never moved from the deepest of red colors.  And, today's presidential race results will firmly keep it there.

In a survey of 305 likely voters taken by phone Oct 18-24th, 33 percent said they would vote for the re-election of President Barack Obama - a slight improvement from the 29 percent in August who, at that time, said they'd vote for the president.

Governor Mitt Romney remained at 58%, with President Obama's gain since August coming from undecided voters, which now sits at just 8 percent.

"The main reason for Governor Romney's dominance in the poll is his command of all of the top demographic groups," said Bill Shapard, CEO of  "I expect that the remaining undecideds will per-dominantly break for Governor Romney putting him above 60 percent on election day."

Among Republicans, Romney commanded 90%, losing only 7% to President Obama.  Democrats in the state still favored the president with 55%, but the challenger was still able to win over nearly one in three Democrats (32%).  Obama also led among Independents, 47% to 37%, but Independents only make up about five to seven percent of the turnout on election day in Oklahoma.

With half of the all likely voters in the state identifying themselves as conservative, Romney had an overwhelming advantage with 85% of the "very conservative" respondents and 79% of the "somewhat conservative."

While the rest of the nation closely watches the "gender gap" between President Obama and Governor Romney, the gap in Oklahoma is nearly non-existent.  Romney led Obama among male voters, 59% to 33%, and among female voters, 58% to 33%.

Among church goers, Romney led with 67% of those who attend church several times a week, and 57% of those who attend at least once a week.  Both of these high attendance subsets constitute 60% of likely voters in Oklahoma.

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