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July 19, 2012

Boone Pickens tweets: From Keystone to Chesapeake

By Chris Day

STILLWATER — Construction of TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast of Texas is critical for the United States, energy entrepreneur and Oklahoma State University alumnus T. Boone Pickens noted Wednesday.

“We are stupid if we don’t do the Keystone Pipeline. Extremely important to our country,” Pickens wrote in a Twitter message  Wednesday in response to a Stillwater NewsPress question.

Pickens tweeted responses to Twitter questions from the NewsPress, OSU football fans and other news media during an hourlong Twitter session.

The questions and answers covered a variety of topics ranging from the Keystone Pipeline and natural gas production to tips for staying young and predictions of the won-loss record for this year’s edition of Cowboy football. Pickens predicted a 9-3 mark for the 2012 season.

The Keystone XL Pipeline will connect the Alberta, Canada, oil sands to Cushing and the Gulf Coast of Texas.

The Keystone XL pipeline has become a political football.

Republicans tied its approval to a deal to extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance in late 2011.

President Barack Obama cited environmental concerns in Nebraska to reject Republican demands to fast track the pipeline’s permits. The GOP eventually approved the payroll tax cuts and unemployment insurance extension without the Keystone pipeline’s permit.

TransCanada officials developed an alternate route through Nebraska’s Sandhills, and Nebraska regulators are scrutinizing the proposal.

Portions of the Keystone Pipeline from Cushing to the Gulf Coast of Texas have received permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Pickens also answered questions about natural gas production, the Marcellus Shale boom in Pennsylvania and creation of a compressed natural gas infrastructure to operate CNG vehicles throughout the U.S.

Here are the Twitter questions and Pickens’ answers.

What potential does Pennsylvania have with Marcellus Shale boom?

“The biggest gas field in the US. Huge opportunity for America, jobs and domestic energy security.”

Your pick for Mitt Romney’s vice president?

“Good news. Lots of good candidates to choose from.”

Do you believe anyone will step up and start building the infrastructure we need for vehicles to run on NG?

“Yes, check out America’s natural gas highway. See”

What’s your REAL opinion on Aubrey McClendon and Chesapeake (Energy)?

“Entrepreneur. Risk taker. Great company. Instrumental in the growth of natural gas supply.”

Cheap natural gas is key to your plan to use in trucks. Some want to export it. Could raise price. Do you support that?

“Support producers right to export, but think we’re crazy if we don’t increase demand in US to make it unnecessary.”

What was more difficult than making your first $1 billion?

“That’s a laundry list that I could say was more difficult. First billion wasn’t that hard after I caught on.”

Do you think being comfortable in public speaking is better than traditional experience?

“A good goal is to explain your ideas in 3 minutes or less.”

Will Saudi and big oil crush oil prices to prevent natural gas from getting us off the hind teat?

“There are things Saudi can do to slow it down, but they can’t stop it.”

How do you feel about holding physical gold and silver?

“I like the idea. Never had the cash to buy either.”

How do you stay so sharp? Vitamins? Baby seal blood?

“Associate with young, smart people. Stay active. Get plenty of sleep.”

What is it like having a wonderful name like T. Boone?

“Never thought about it. It’s the only name I’ve had.”

Pickens signed off by urging everyone to sign up at the

“Goodbye. Good luck and God Bless America,” Pickens said in his final Twitter message of the session.

Chris Day is Stillwater NewsPress associate editor.