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May 9, 2013

Rape victim has closure after 28 years of fear


NORMAN, Okla. —

She used to wake up screaming, used to have nightmares and still does sometimes, and she is always using a filter now.

“My children will tell you that I’m neurotic, adamant, demanding about closing the blinds at night,” Terrell said. “Because he (Bruce) stalked people. He did that, he watched them for hours through the window.”

After a while, Terrell said, you kind of deal with it and while your life is never the same, at some point you have to kind of move on. However, after she received a phone call last year from police telling her they finally caught the guy, it all came flooding back.

“Last year when I got the call, I was just freaked out, I mean I was just bawling my eyes out. I was like, ‘Oh my god’ ... and then to find out that he was on such a reign of terror across our United States, considered one of the most prolific rapists in the history of the United States. And that he would continue to travel back to Norman to continue to perpetrate.”

Then nearly a year later, when she found out he was going to be tried in Norman, it was all in front of her again.

“It was really weird when I found out he was back in Norman. I felt like he was in my home, he was in my town. Ugh,” she said with a shake of disgust. “It was powerful for me to actually see my name on the screen and that he was going to be tried for my rape. I couldn’t believe it was really happening after all this time.”

Terrell was asked to write a victim impact statement, which is used during prosecution to help make a decision, but after learning that Bruce could read the court records and have access to what she wrote, she decided against it.

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