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May 17, 2013

Staggs tells of two-year ordeal on OU golf team


NORMAN, Okla. —

Drouin responded with “Well, what’s done is done. But you’re a (bleeping) (bleep) for doing it. You know they know it and at the end of the day, coach (Ryan) Hybl is going to hear about it and you’re going to be in (bleeping) trouble.”

Upon hearing the recording, Staggs said she felt Drouin had already violated the proposed agreement by lying and saying she quit the team. Two days later, Staggs met with Naifeh and declined the contract.

According to Staggs, Naifeh offered a second agreement for her to sign, which stated she would voluntarily release her right to financial aid.

“I agreed and he got the new contract to me a couple days later,” Staggs said. “I again turned down the contract because it was basically the same one as before but said that I would not continue to receive financial aid. It still came with the stipulations of not being able to tell my story to the media, giving up my right to sue the school, and still giving them the right to take legal action against me and my family if anything negative was said about coach Drouin or the program by anyone one of my family members.”

Staggs’ father informed Naifeh that they felt some violations were at hand and they wanted to pursue them with the NCAA. According to Staggs, Naifeh assured them there weren’t any. At that time, Mr. Staggs told Naifeh they were aware of the audio recording.

“A couple of days after this phone call took place, Larry called my dad, once again asking my dad to email him the copy he had of the audio because he had lost it and needed it to deal with the situation internally,” Staggs said. “In return, I would continue to have my financial aid without the signing of any contracts.”

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