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May 17, 2013

Staggs tells of two-year ordeal on OU golf team


NORMAN, Okla. —

A few days later Larry called me in once again with my dad and told me it was probably best that I part ways with the team. I accepted his decision and he told me they would continue to pay for my school if I would be willing to sign an agreement.”

The Voluntary Release of Financial Aid agreement Staggs was given stated that if Staggs left the team but stayed in school, Oklahoma would continue to pay for her tuition and other financial needs.

But stipulations in the contract included that Staggs gave up all rights to sue the school and each family member will not disparage or make public statements against the university or discuss the agreement with anyone.

Staggs said a family lawyer told her it would not be in her best interest to sign the agreement because it did not protect her and only protected the school.

“The main problem I had with it was that Coach Drouin’s name was not even on the contract to sign and never mentioned her name, either,” Staggs said. “I felt with the dispute being between her and I that she should be included in this agreement.”

Staggs said she was never going to sign the original agreement. Her reasons became clear after an audio recording surfaced in which a conversation about Staggs is taking place. The female voice on the recording has been identified by Staggs as Drouin.

In the recording, Drouin is upset about a message a member of the men’s golf team posted on Twitter about Staggs. Drouin asked him “why would he put that (bleep) on the Internet?” Drouin goes on to say that “(Staggs) quit the team. I didn’t kick her off. She didn’t want to be here anymore.”

The unidentified male player said, “Yea, Jade told me she quit the team and I understand why she quit the team. I was trying to be supportive of her. I wasn’t trying to say anything bad about it. I was just asking why, since she was playing so good.”

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