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July 18, 2013

MAYB tournament set to christen Enid Event Center’s new hoops floor


ENID, Okla. —

Mid America Youth Basketball Schedules

High School Boys

Friday — At Enid Event Center, 5, Oklahoma Run N Gun vs. Blazers; 7, Cherokee vs. Nighthawks. 9, Oklahoma Run N Gun vs. Nighthawks At OBA No. 1, 5, Northern Oklahoma vs. NWOK Has Beens

Saturday — At Drummond, 8 a.m., Cherokee vs. Blazers; 9 a.m., South Barber vs. Beaver; 10 a.m., Oklahoma Run N Gun vs. Cherokee; 11 a.m., Beaver vs. NWOK Has Beens; Noon, South Barber vs. Northern Oklahoma; 1, Nighthawks vs. Blazers; 2, Northern Oklahoma vs. Beaver; 3:30, South Barber vs. NW OK Has Beens; 4:30, B Pool No. 3 vs. A Pool No. 4; 5:30, A Pool No. 3 vs. B Pool No. 4; 6:30, A Pool No. 1 vs. B Pool No. 2; 7:30, B Pool No. 1 vs. A Pool No. 2.

Sunday — At Enid Event Center, 9 a.m., 7th place;  11 a.m., 5th Place; Noon, 3rd place game; 1, Championship

High School Girls

Friday — At Enid Event Center, 6 p.m., High Plains Storm vs. Enid; 8, MTXE vs. Lady Tigers; 10, Lady Tigers vs. Hennessey. At OBA No. 1, 6, MTXE vs. Hennessey

Saturday — At Event Event Center, 8 a.m., South Barber vs. Enid; 9 a.m., High Plains Storm vs. Okarche; 10 a.m., Kimgman Eagles vs. South Barber; 11, Texhoma vs. Kansas Twisters . At OBA No. 1, Noon, Kingman Eagles vs. High Plains Storm; 1 p.m., South Barber vs. Okarche; 2, Lady Tigers vs. Texhoma; 3:30, Hennessey vs. Kansas Twisters; 4:30, MTXE vs. Texhoma; 5:30, Kingman Eagles vs. Enid; 6:30, Lady Tigers vs. Kansas Twisters; 7:30, Kingman Eagles vs. Okarche; 8:30, MTXE vs. Kansas Twisters; 9:30, Texhoma vs. Hennessey.

Sunday — At Enid Event Center — 8 a.m., South Barber vs. High Plains Storm; 10 a.m., Pool A No. 5 vs. Pool B No. 5; 2 p.m., Pool A No. 4 vs. Pool B No. 4; 3, Pool A No. 3 vs., Pool B No. 3; 4, Pool A No. 2 vs. Pool B No. 2; 5, Pool A No. 1 vs. Pool B No. 1 (Championship)

8th Grade Girls

Round Robin

Friday — At OBA No. 1, 7 p.m., South Barber, Kan., vs. Ringwood; 8, Canton vs. High Plains Storm; 10, South Barber vs. Canton.

Saturday — At OBA No. 1, 8 a.m., High Plains Storm vs. Ringwood; 9 a.m., Kingman Eagles vs. West OK Electrify; 10, Canton vs. Ringwood. At OBA No. 2, 11, Kingman Eagles vs. South Barber. At Enid Events Center, 4:30, Kingman Eagles vs. Canton; 5:30, South Barber vs. High Plains Storm; 6:30, West OK Electrify vs. Ringwood

Sunday — At Drummond, 10 a.m., West OK Electrify vs. High Plains Storm; 1 p.m., Kingman Eagles vs. High Plains Storm; 2, South Barber vs. West OK Electrify; 3, Kingman Eagles vs. Ringwood; 4, West OK Electrify vs. Canton

6th-7th Grade Girls

Round Robin

Friday — At Drummond, 5 p.m., Broncs vs. Pioneers; 6, Lady Eagles vs. Okarche; 8, Lady Eagles vs. Pioneers; 10, Broncs v. Okarche.

Saturday — At Enid Events Center, Noon, Kingman Eagles 7 vs. Pioneers; 1, Kingman Eagles 6 vs. Okarche; 2, Lady Eagles vs. Kingman Eagles 7; 3:30, Kingman Eagles 6 vs. Broncs; At OBA No. 2, 4:30, Pioneers vs. Okarche; 5:30, Kingman Eagles 6 vs. Kingman Eagles 7; 6:30, Lady Eagles vs. Broncs.

Sunday — At OBA No. 1, 1 p.m., Kingman Eagles 6 vs. Lady Eagles; 2, Broncs vs. Kingman Eagles 7; 3, Kingman Eagles 6 vs. Pioneers; 4, Kingman Eagles 7 vs. Okarche.

5th-6th Grade Boys

Round Robin

Friday — At Drummond, 7 p.m., Anthony vs. Enid Knights; 9, Anthony vs. Deer Creek. At OBA No. 1, 9 p.m., Spartans vs. Enid Knights

Saturday — At OBA No. 2, 11 a.m., OK Spurs vs. Okarche; Noon, Spartans vs. Deer Creek; 1, Anthony vs. OK Spurs; 2, Spartans vs. Okarche; 3:30, Deer Creek vs. Enid Knights. At Enid Events Center, 7:30, Anthony vs. Spartans; 8:30, OK Spurs vs. Enid Knights; 9:30, Anthony vs. Okarche

Sunday — At Drummond, 8 a.m., Spartans vs. OK Spurs; 9 a.m., Deer Creek vs. Okarche; 11, OK Spurs vs. Deer Creek; Noon, Okarche vs. Enid Knights


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