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July 18, 2013

MAYB tournament set to christen Enid Event Center’s new hoops floor

Staff reports
Enid News and Eagle

ENID, Okla. — The 36 teams participating in the Enid Mid-America Youth Basketball (MAYB) tournament will be making a little bit of history, beginning today.

All the teams will get a chance to play at the newly christened Enid Event Center. All 36 teams are scheduled to play at least one game at the building, starting with a 5 p.m. high school boys game today between Oklahoma Run N Gun and the Blazers.

“To be the first participants as far as sports are concerned is beyond words,’’ said tournament director Steve Johnston. “Everyone is going to get a little bit of heaven.’’

 “We have been waiting a long time for the Event Center. We’re excited about it, and I hope the community supports us.’’

The 36 entries — 10 high school girls, 8 high school boys and 6 eighth-grade girls, sixth and seventh-grade girls and fifth and sixth-grade boys are the most entries the tournament has drawn in the last several years.

“We’re hoping to build on that (Enid Event Center),’’ Johnston said. “We hope this will be a positive thing and more and more teams will want to participate.’’

Enid’s girls face the High Plains Storm at 6. Timberlake’s girls (a.k.a. Lady Tigers) will play twice — MXTE at 8 and Henessey at 10 . Enid’s girls are not officially representing Enid High School.

Two other boys high school games are scheduled for tonight — Cherokee and the Nighthawks at 7 and Nighthawks and Oklahoma Run N Gun at 9.

Oklahoma Bible Aca-demy’s new practice gym will be used as one of the venues, along with the Trojans regular gym. Drummond High School is the other venue. The practice gym is air-condition and has a scoreboard.

Games go from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Saturday at the Enid Event Center and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.

The high schools will have pool play competition with the championships being decided at the Enid Event Center Sunday.

The other three divisions will have round robin play.

Mid America Youth Basketball Schedules

High School Boys

Friday — At Enid Event Center, 5, Oklahoma Run N Gun vs. Blazers; 7, Cherokee vs. Nighthawks. 9, Oklahoma Run N Gun vs. Nighthawks At OBA No. 1, 5, Northern Oklahoma vs. NWOK Has Beens

Saturday — At Drummond, 8 a.m., Cherokee vs. Blazers; 9 a.m., South Barber vs. Beaver; 10 a.m., Oklahoma Run N Gun vs. Cherokee; 11 a.m., Beaver vs. NWOK Has Beens; Noon, South Barber vs. Northern Oklahoma; 1, Nighthawks vs. Blazers; 2, Northern Oklahoma vs. Beaver; 3:30, South Barber vs. NW OK Has Beens; 4:30, B Pool No. 3 vs. A Pool No. 4; 5:30, A Pool No. 3 vs. B Pool No. 4; 6:30, A Pool No. 1 vs. B Pool No. 2; 7:30, B Pool No. 1 vs. A Pool No. 2.

Sunday — At Enid Event Center, 9 a.m., 7th place;  11 a.m., 5th Place; Noon, 3rd place game; 1, Championship

High School Girls

Friday — At Enid Event Center, 6 p.m., High Plains Storm vs. Enid; 8, MTXE vs. Lady Tigers; 10, Lady Tigers vs. Hennessey. At OBA No. 1, 6, MTXE vs. Hennessey

Saturday — At Event Event Center, 8 a.m., South Barber vs. Enid; 9 a.m., High Plains Storm vs. Okarche; 10 a.m., Kimgman Eagles vs. South Barber; 11, Texhoma vs. Kansas Twisters . At OBA No. 1, Noon, Kingman Eagles vs. High Plains Storm; 1 p.m., South Barber vs. Okarche; 2, Lady Tigers vs. Texhoma; 3:30, Hennessey vs. Kansas Twisters; 4:30, MTXE vs. Texhoma; 5:30, Kingman Eagles vs. Enid; 6:30, Lady Tigers vs. Kansas Twisters; 7:30, Kingman Eagles vs. Okarche; 8:30, MTXE vs. Kansas Twisters; 9:30, Texhoma vs. Hennessey.

Sunday — At Enid Event Center — 8 a.m., South Barber vs. High Plains Storm; 10 a.m., Pool A No. 5 vs. Pool B No. 5; 2 p.m., Pool A No. 4 vs. Pool B No. 4; 3, Pool A No. 3 vs., Pool B No. 3; 4, Pool A No. 2 vs. Pool B No. 2; 5, Pool A No. 1 vs. Pool B No. 1 (Championship)

8th Grade Girls

Round Robin

Friday — At OBA No. 1, 7 p.m., South Barber, Kan., vs. Ringwood; 8, Canton vs. High Plains Storm; 10, South Barber vs. Canton.

Saturday — At OBA No. 1, 8 a.m., High Plains Storm vs. Ringwood; 9 a.m., Kingman Eagles vs. West OK Electrify; 10, Canton vs. Ringwood. At OBA No. 2, 11, Kingman Eagles vs. South Barber. At Enid Events Center, 4:30, Kingman Eagles vs. Canton; 5:30, South Barber vs. High Plains Storm; 6:30, West OK Electrify vs. Ringwood

Sunday — At Drummond, 10 a.m., West OK Electrify vs. High Plains Storm; 1 p.m., Kingman Eagles vs. High Plains Storm; 2, South Barber vs. West OK Electrify; 3, Kingman Eagles vs. Ringwood; 4, West OK Electrify vs. Canton

6th-7th Grade Girls

Round Robin

Friday — At Drummond, 5 p.m., Broncs vs. Pioneers; 6, Lady Eagles vs. Okarche; 8, Lady Eagles vs. Pioneers; 10, Broncs v. Okarche.

Saturday — At Enid Events Center, Noon, Kingman Eagles 7 vs. Pioneers; 1, Kingman Eagles 6 vs. Okarche; 2, Lady Eagles vs. Kingman Eagles 7; 3:30, Kingman Eagles 6 vs. Broncs; At OBA No. 2, 4:30, Pioneers vs. Okarche; 5:30, Kingman Eagles 6 vs. Kingman Eagles 7; 6:30, Lady Eagles vs. Broncs.

Sunday — At OBA No. 1, 1 p.m., Kingman Eagles 6 vs. Lady Eagles; 2, Broncs vs. Kingman Eagles 7; 3, Kingman Eagles 6 vs. Pioneers; 4, Kingman Eagles 7 vs. Okarche.

5th-6th Grade Boys

Round Robin

Friday — At Drummond, 7 p.m., Anthony vs. Enid Knights; 9, Anthony vs. Deer Creek. At OBA No. 1, 9 p.m., Spartans vs. Enid Knights

Saturday — At OBA No. 2, 11 a.m., OK Spurs vs. Okarche; Noon, Spartans vs. Deer Creek; 1, Anthony vs. OK Spurs; 2, Spartans vs. Okarche; 3:30, Deer Creek vs. Enid Knights. At Enid Events Center, 7:30, Anthony vs. Spartans; 8:30, OK Spurs vs. Enid Knights; 9:30, Anthony vs. Okarche

Sunday — At Drummond, 8 a.m., Spartans vs. OK Spurs; 9 a.m., Deer Creek vs. Okarche; 11, OK Spurs vs. Deer Creek; Noon, Okarche vs. Enid Knights