The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

March 9, 2013

In celebration of the ladies

By Dave Ruthenberg, Sports Editor
Enid News and Eagle

ENID, Okla. — This past Friday apparently was something called International Women’s Day. Now, it’s unclear if that meant a worldwide celebration of women, or international women were being celebrated. Either way, as any married (or divorced) guy can tell you, every day is Women’s Day, or at least it better be if you know what is good for you.

We don’t really have anything equivalent to that for the guys. Super Bowl Sunday used to come closest to that, at least here in America. But then the advertising agencies started drawing more attention for their over-produced commercials than the game itself, which started attracting more female viewers. Goodbye manly Super Bowl Sunday. Suddenly, a day that consisted of beer, pizza and belching became a day of finger sandwiches, brie and merlot.

Oh well, society changes, and you better change with it or you could wind up spending your days as a bitter columnist with a penchant for whining.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a moment to recognize some real accomplishments by northwest Oklahoma ladies in the world of sports, and not some ginned-up phony baloney celebration of celebrities looking for attention.

Yep, we celebrated our own version of Women’s Day thanks to the Fairview Lady Jackets, Alva Ladybugs and Northern Oklahoma College Lady Jets basketball teams, all of whom were engaged in postseason play on Friday, hoping to bring home championships.

Both Fairview and Alva were playing in the Class 2A girls semifinals Friday at the Big House in Oklahoma City, and were actually in position to play each other for the 2A crown. That didn’t happen though as the defending champion Lady Jackets lost in the semifinals to Northeast Academy. But that should not detract one bit from their accomplishments this season, finishing 25-5.

Alva came even closer, losing in the finals to undefeated Northeast Academy. While winning is the objective, the fact was Alva’s and Fairview’s ladies were the only northwest high school teams still in contention this past weekend.

Just as Alva and Fairview were making deep runs on the high school side of things, so were the NOC Enid Lady Jets in the junior college ranks, who entered the Region 2 tournament as the top seed, but were upset by Redlands.

While the glitterati can gravitate to self-absorbed celebrities, we are fortunate to have real examples right here of some hard-working women who provided the area with pride and led by example.

So, we’ll take a Christa Beasler (NOC Enid), Olivia Mason (Fairview) or Jaden Hobbs (Alva) — along with their teammates — any day.

And it shouldn’t have to take an International Women’s Day to say “well done, ladies, you have done the area proud,” but if it presents an opportunity to say so, that’s not so bad after all.

Now, pass the brie.

Ruthenberg is sports editor at the News & Eagle. Contact him at