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July 21, 2013

Hise 'Switzerland' of NOC rivalry

ENID, Okla. — Imagine what would happen if it was announced Mike Holder would be athletic director at not only Oklahoma State University, but the University of Oklahoma as well.

Some might say that’s what Jeremy Hise is getting into in his new role as athletic director at Northern Oklahoma College, overseeing the campuses at both Enid and Tonkawa.

The schools’ rivalry is a little Bedlam Series, being an hour’s drive from each other. The intensity in the gym and on the baseball field goes up a little with larger crowds and bragging rights at stake.

“I don’t have a problem with that at all,’’ said Hise.

Hise points out he can look at his job with emotional ties to both schools, being an NOC Tonkawa graduate and having been an assistant baseball coach at NOC Enid for 11 years. He left coaching two years ago to concentrate fully on  teaching at NOC Enid and spend more time with his family.

“Every coach, instructor and administrator is focused on providing the best possible experience we can for all students at NOC,’’ Hise said. “I put the best effort in everything that I do and hope that athletes at both campuses benefit from that.’’

His dream would be an Enid vs. Tonkawa matchup in the regional final in all sports.

“I want each school to challenge each other,’’ Hise said. “That’s what athletic competition is all about. When it’s Northern vs. Northern, I’m rooting for the best game of the year between the two teams.’’

He points out he won’t be involved in recruiting, except for rules compliance.

“Our coaches are going to go head-to-head for certain players,’’ Hise said. “They all have demonstrated the ability to recruit. My job is to help them continue to develop that ability.’’

The two schools have the same president (Cheryl Evans), whom Hise will be meeting with in the next few weeks to plan a future course of action.

Having one athletic director, Hise said, will free up former ADs Greg Krause (Tonkawa) and Raydon Leaton (Enid) to concentrate on their coaching and teaching duties better.

Krause is the Lady Mavs’ women’s basketball coach. Leaton is the Jets’ baseball coach.

“They both felt conflicted being a coach and an AD,’’ Hise said. “Trying to do both jobs as well as you can is very difficult. Raydon might be thinking of some AD stuff when he was trying to teach a third baseman how to hit a curve ball. When he was doing AD stuff, he might have been thinking of baseball.

“There are countless benefits of having an AD who isn’t a coach. Having a single AD will allow us to focus more on student development and making sure the student athletes are developing in all areas.’’

He said he will have more time for community relations and marketing and advertising programs.

Hise, who was hired as an instructor before he was a coach at NOC Enid, said academics will be his No. 1 priority.

“If you don’t have a solid academic foundation, it’s difficult to excel athletically,’’ Hise said. “We want to insure the academic success of student athletes.’’

 Hise said coaches will be the first line of defense to insure academic success. Hise will have offices at both campuses. He will continue to teach at NOC Enid.

Hise was a regular at NOC athletic events after leaving coaching. He’s had some sports withdraw.

“I miss it like crazy,’’ he said. “I missed being around athletics. I’m excited to be back into it. I’m going to be busy, but it will be fun. I’m getting the opportunity to work with student athletes and coaches. I hope I can help both have academic and athletic success.’’

Campbell is a News & Eagle sports writer.⁷

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