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April 7, 2013

Betchan, Bugg take 4-ball lead

By Bruce Campbell, Staff Writer
Enid News and Eagle

ENID, Okla. — Back surgery has kept Meadowlake Club Champion Troy Rasp from competing in the Dick Lambertz Memorial Enid Fourball Tournament this year.

But Rasp had more than a rooting interest as he followed two former Fourball partners — Josh Bugg and Jay Betchan — during their second round of the championship flight at Oakwood Country Club Sunday.

“One is on loan,’’ said Rasp with a chuckle. “I haven’t decided which one yet.’’

He might have trouble deciding as Bugg and Betchan teamed for a four-under par 67 to take the 36-hole lead with a 132, 10-under par.

First-round leaders Kyle Tefft and Landon Dixon slid from a 64 Saturday to a 70 Sunday to be at 134. Heath Myers and Keith Campbell, the 2011 champions, had their second straight 68 to be at 136.

Betchan and Bugg survived two bogeys on the front side, to shoot a four-under 32 on the back.

“It’s better than being two or three shots back,’’ said Betchan, who is in the Fourball for the first time in five years. “We feel comfortable in the lead. We have to make sure we make plenty of birdies next week at Meadowlake for sure.’’

The tournament’s third-round will be played at Meadowlake Saturday and will conclude at Oakwood on Sunday.

“We hit it well enough today to be better than that,’’ Bugg said. “We didn’t make very many long putts or do anything real exciting, but we got around. We made a lot of pars and threw in a few birdies.’’

Bugg and Betchan overcome bogeys on Nos. 3 and No. 7 on the front. Bugg birdied the first hole and Betchan had a birdie on No. 4.

The backside was different as both players had two birdies — Bugg on No. 11 and No. 13 and Betchan on Nos. 15 and No. 17.

“We were able to hit the ball pretty decent,’’ Betchan said. “We were able to make the real short putts.’’

Tefft and Dixon felt fortunate to have shot a 70, considering they had four bogeys (Nos. 2, 3, 5 and No. 7) on the first four holes.

They were able to make that up on the back with a three-under 33 with Tefft making an eagle on No. 13 and birdie on No. 15.

“We hit the ball as well as we did yesterday,’’ Tefft said. “We just didn’t put well. We were missing a lot of three and four foot putts. That’s what hurt us on the front nine. We could have scored better, but it’s all right. It could have been a lot worse. We left a lot of shots out there and we have to pick those four or five putts next week.’’

Tefft had the ultimate scramble on his eagle. He hit his tee shots into the trees, but chip up to the green and made a putt.

“That’s my normal golf game,’’ Tefft said. “I hit it in the trees and find it from there.’’

“That was a great eagle by Kyle,’’ Dixon said. “We had to grind it out n the back. We were lucky to shoot a 70, but we’re still in it.’’

Myers and Campbell had five birdies and two bogeys on the day. They were four-under after 11 holes, but were one-over the last seven, thanks to a bogey on No. 17.

Myers and Campbell had birdied on No. 10 and No. 11 after having a two-under 33 on the front with birdies on Nos. 1, 4 and 8 and a bogey on No. 5.

“We had it going, but we let it slip up,’’ Myers said. “We made a lot of long putts that we haven’t been making. We’re going to have to play better if we’re going to contend, but we’ll see.’’

“Heath played great,’’ Campbell said. “He’s a great human being.’’

Lucas McCoy and David Meek were fourth at 140 after their second straight 70.

“Dick Lambertz Memorial Enid Fourball

Championship Flight

Bugg-Betchan    65-67—132

Tefft-Dixon        64-70—134

Myers-Campbell    68-68—136

McCoy-Meek    70-70—140

Wilson-Redwine    71-72—143

Parker-Har    t    74-69—143

Missed Cut

Oxford-Boler    76-73—149

Fournier-Fournier    75-74—149

Stout-Stout        77-74—152

First Flight


Moore-Williamson def. Bergner-Melrose, 7-and-5

Armstrong-Jackson def. Broyles-Gainer, 1-up

Collins-Collins def. Stodola-Moritz, 2-and-1

Cagle-Keiser def. Young-Young, 1-up


Moore-Williamson vs. Armstrong-Jackson

Collins-Collins vs. Cagle-Keiser


Crenshaw-Randolph def. Schoff-Cook, 1-up

Nunley-Heizer def. Eitzen-Watkins, 6-and-4

Tobbitt-Mastrianni def. Cline-Peck, 7-and-5

Thomas-Tefft, bye


Crenshaw-Randolph vs. Nunley-Heizer

Tobbitt-Mastrianni vs. Thomas-Tefft

2nd Flight


Pendergraft-Bernstein def. Thomas-Murrow, 2-and-1

Betchan-Nelson def. Morris-Tucker, 3-and-2.

Crouch-Bush def. Ernst-Eckstein, 1-up

Brosen-Hall def. McClelland-Glaser,3-and-2.


Pendergraft-Bernstein vs. Betchan-Nelson

Crouch-Bush vs. Brosen-Hall


Sinning-Dunigan def. Harris-Murrie, 6-and-5

McKeaigg-Baker def. McCowan-McCoy, 4-and-3

Barnthouse-Barnthouse def. Farney-Burnham, 2-up

Stezler-Stezler def. League-Lamb, 2-and-1


Sinning-Dunigan vs. McKeaigg-Baker

Barnthouse-Barnthouse vs. Stezler-Stezler

3rd Flight


Diesselhorst-Griggs def. McDaniel-McGreevy, 1-up, 19

Winfield-Hinkle def. Syms-Jones, 6-and-5

Kirk-Foster def. Fournier-Winfield, 6-and-5

Webb-Brunken def. Charles-Charles, 6-and-5


Diesselhorst-Griggs vs. Winfield-Hinkle

Kirk-Foster vs. Webb-Brunken


Capra-Capra, bye

Seng-Ray def. Throckmorton-Nusz, 4-and-3

Hart-Hart def. Johnson-Henry, 3-and-2

Ferguson-Lee, bye


Capra-Capra vs. Seng-Ray

Hart-Hart def. Ferguson-Lee

4th Flight


Pecha-Darrow def.Williams-North, 1-up

Stegeman-Hockert def. Fuksa-McMillon, 5-and-4

London-London def. Baker-Dinelman, 7-and-6

Beckett-Brown def. Patterson-Shaw, 1-up, 19


Pecha-Darrow vs. Stegeman-Hockert

London-London vs. Beckett-Brown


Seltenreich-Thompson def. Clark-Charles, 1-up

Armstrong-Armstrong def. Wheeler-Schepperley, 3-and-2

Lagan-Justus def. Hamm-Clark, 1-up

Chamberlin-Aranda def. Howard-League, 2-and-1


Seltenreich-Thompson vs. Armstrong-Armstrong

Lagan-Justus vs. Chamberlin-Aranda

5th Flight


Noak-Farney def. Barton-Bransetter, 5-and-4

Wolf-Boeckman def. Bollenbach-Cox, 1-up

Fowler-Lutrell def. Morrison-Boone, 6-and-4

Snyder-Edwards def. Crawford-Billings, 2-and-1


Noak-Farney vs. Wolf-Boeckman

Fowler-Lutrell vs. Snyder-Edwards


Long-Batterman, bye

Romanos-Snyder def. Norris-Druse, 3-and-1

Botts-Hiebert def. Jarrett-Campbell, 2-and-1

Schwandt-Hutchinson def. Merrifield-Lingenfelter, 1-up, 21


Long-Batterman vs. Romanos-Snyder

Botts-Hiebert vs. Schwandt-Hutchinson

6th Flight


Ensminger-Ensminger def. Oaks-Robinson, 4-and-33

Birchfield-Knouse def. Kelso-Roney, 5-and-4

Torres-Wilkinson, bye

Pulis-Brinkley def. Douma-Dupy, 4-and-3


Ensminger-Ensminger vs. Birchfield-Knoise

Torres-Wilkinson vs. Pulis-Brinkley


G. Williams-J. Williams def. Long-Black, 2-and-1

Hoskins-Holder def. Fry-Pankonin, 3-and-2

B. Williams-Perry, bye

Woods-Salinas def. Turnbow-Thornton, 4-and-3


G. Williams-J. Williams vs. Hoskins-Holder

B. Williams-Perry vs. Woods-Salinas

7th Flight


Newman-Greenfield def. Wyman-Cagle, 1-up

Landwehr-Holcomb def. Sebranek-Smith, 3-and-2


Newman-Greenfield vs. Landwehr-Holcomb


Gann-Puckett def. Schloss-Hiebert, 1-up

Bugg-Puneo def. Bierle-Long, 1-up


Gann-Puckett vs. Bugg-Puneo