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April 6, 2013

64 surprises Fourball leaders


ENID, Okla. — Sixth Flight

Mike Oaks-Steve Robinson def. Justin Williams-Gary Williams, 5-and-4

Dan Ensminger-Chad Ensminger def. Kenny Long-Butch Black, 6-and-5

Marty Kelso-Tommy Roney def. Ron Hoskins-Wayne Holder, 2-and-1

Bobby Birchfield-Red Knouse def. Brian Fry-George Pankonin, 1-up

Steve Torres-Britt Wilkinson def. Brandon Williams-Steve Perry, 4-and-3

Randy Kretchmar-Scott Taylor, bye

Scott Douma-Brian Dupy def. Jeff Turnbow-Danny Thornton, 3-and-2

Chuck Pulis-Doug Brinkley def..Troy Wood-Lenny Salinas, 4-and-2.

Today’s matches


10:30 — Williams-Williams vs. Long-Black

10:37 — Hoskins-Holder vs. Fry-Pankonin

10:45 — B Williams-Perry, bye

11:07 — Turnbow-Thornton vs.Wood-Salinas


11:15 — Oaks-Robinson vs. Ensminger-Ensminger

11:22 — Kelso-Roney vs. Birchfield-Knouse

11:30 — Torres-Wilkinson vs. Kretchmar-Taylor

11:45 — Douma-Dupy vs. Pulis-Brinkley.

7th Flight

Pat Newman-Cody Greenfield def. Phil Schloss-Mitch Hiebert, 3-and-2

Lonnie Wyman-Daniel Cagle def. Ronn Gann-Gary Puckett, 1-up, 19th hole

Austin Sebranek-Brian Smith def. Buddy Bugg-David Pueno, 6-and-5

Ryan Landwehr-Sam Holcomb def. Paul Bierle-Logan Long, 5-and-3.

Today’s matches


Noon — Schloss-Hiebert vs. Gann-Puckett

12:30 — Bugg-Puneo vs. Landwehr-Holcomb

12:37 — Newman-Greenfield vs. Wyman-Cagle

12:45 — Sebranek-Smith vs. Landwehr-Holcomb

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