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April 6, 2013

64 surprises Fourball leaders

By Bruce Campbell, Staff Writer
Enid News and Eagle

ENID, Okla. — Kyle Tefft and Landon Dixon haven’t been on the golf course too much this spring.

“We have been working too much,’’ said Tefft with a laugh.

Maybe practice doesn’t make perfect.

Tefft and Dixon didn’t show any rust during the first round of the Dick Lambertz Memorial Enid Fourball as they teamed for an eight-under-par 64 to take a one-shot lead over Jay Betchan and Josh Bugg.

Heath Myers and Keith Campbell, who won the tournament in 2011, were third with a three-under par 68.

“A 64 was as good as we we’re going to shoot today,’’ Tefft said. “We’re definitely happy about it.’’

The highlight of the bogey-free round was Dixon’s chip-in for an eagle on the par four 17.

“That was big,’’ Dixon said. “Kyle carried me all day. We partner up well. When one of us had trouble on a hole, the other one backed it up.’’

Tefft had four birdies — Nos. 1, No. 6, No. 11 and No. 15. He just missed an eagle putt on the sixth hole.

Dixon had a birdie on No. 10.

“We played really well,’’ Tefft said. “Everything went really good.’’

“I was surprised,’’ Dixon said. “We hadn’t played that much. We shot as well as we could. We’ll take it.’’

Betchan and Bugg, playing with Tefft and Dixon, were able to survive bogeys on Nos. 2 and No. 13.

Betchan had an eagle on the par five No. 6 and birdies on Nos. 3, 15 and 17. Bugg had birdies on Nos. 5, 9 and No. 18.

“Every time we made a birdie, they made a birdie,’’ Betchan said. “When the team that you’re playing is playing that well, you feed off it. It was a lot of fun.’’

Betchan, who has qualified for the National Mid-Amateur, is playing in the Fourball after a five-year absence.

“When they moved it up (the event was supposed to have started two weeks ago but was delayed because of weather), I wanted to play more,’’ Betchan said. “I’m a lot more excited about playing in the 70s than in the snow. I’ve never played with Josh in a team event before and we had a real good time.’’

Myers and Campbell had their traditional slow start. They bogeyed the second hole and made the turn at even par after a birdie on No. 7.

They rallied for a three-under 32 on the back with a bogey on No. 14 being offset by birdies on Nos. 10, 11, 15 and No. 18.

“A 68 is OK,’’ Myers said. “We played better on the back nine. We showed some signs of shooting a low score tomorrow.’’

“We played mediocre,’’ Campbell said. “Heath hit the ball very well. I got lucky and made a couple of putts, that’s about it.’’

Lucas McCoy and David Meek were the only other players under par with a one-under-par 70. Their round included four birdies (Nos. 2, 6, 9 and 10) and three bogeys (Nos. 1, 7 and 18).

Kingfisher’s Gary Wilson and Reggie Redwine, a perennial power duo, shot an even-par 71. They had three birdies (Nos. 4, 6 and 17) and three bogeys (Nos. 1, 14 and 18).

The championship, first, second and third flights move to Oakwood today. The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh flights will be played at Meadowlake.

The championship flight will be cut down to the top six teams and ties.


Dick Lambertz Memorial Enid Fourball Results

Championship Flight

Kyle Tefft-Landon Dixon        64

Josh Bugg-Jay Betchan        65

Heath Myers-Keith Campbell        68

Lucas McCoy-David Meek        70

Gary Wilson-Reggie Redwine         71

Robert Parker-Jonathan Hart        74

Bubba Fournier-J.J. Fournier        75

Neil Oxford-Corey Boler        76

Travis Stout-Rod Stout        77

Today’s tee times

10:30 — Oxford-Boler, Wilson-Redwine

10:37 — Tefft-Dixon, Bugg-Betchan

10:45 — McCoy-Meek

11:07 — Myers-Campbell, Stout-Stout

11:15 — Fournier-Fournier, Parker-Hart

First Flight

Brandon Bergner-Danny Melrose def. Aaron Crenshaw-Taylor Randolph, 3-and-2

Kenny Moore-Eric Williamson def. Larry Schoff-Greg Cook, 2-and-1

Keith Broyles-Byron Gainer def. Todd Eitzen-Trevor Watkins, 8-and-6

Colton Jackson-Ashton Armstrong def. Randy Nunley-Bill Heizer, 8-and-7

Mike Stodala-Rick Moritz def. Jon Cline-Matt Peck, 1-up

Craig Collins-David Collins def. Josh Tobitt-Paul Mastrianni, 1-up, 21 holes

Bobby Young Sr.-Bobby Young Jr, bye

Dave Cagle-Bob Keiser def. John Kang-Dai Kim, 3-and-2.

Today’s matches


11:22 — Crenshaw-Randolph vs. Schoff-Cook

11:30 — Eitzen-Watkins vs. Nunley-Heizer

11:45 — Cline-Peck vs. Tobitt-Mastrianni

12:30 — Kang-Kim, bye


12:37 — Bergner-Melrose vs. Moore-Williamson

12:45 — Broyles-Gainer vs. Jackson-Armstrong

1 — Stodola-Moritz vs. Collins-Collins

1:07 — Young-Young vs. Cagle-Keiser

Second Flight

Brian Thomas-Kyle Murrow def. Stan Harris-Chuck Murrie, 2-and-1

Kurt Pendergraft-Eric Bernstein def. Eric Sinning-Kenny Dunigan, 1-up

Don Betchan-Mike Nelson def. Paul Baker-Ron McKeaigg, 4-and-2

Jack Morris-Tom Tucker def. Daren McGowan-Tim McCoy, 1-up, 19th hole

Jeff Ernst-Casey Eckstein def. Shawn Farney-Chad Burnham, 2-up

Michael Crouch-Chris Bush def. Mike Barnthouse-Josh Barnthouse, 3-and-2

Larry McClelland-Allen Glaser def. Trae Stelver-Gregg Stelver, 3-and-2

Travis Brorsen-Zack Hall de. Michael League-Earl Lamb, 5-and-4

Today’s matches


8 — Murre-Harris vs. Sinning-Dunigan

8:07 — McKeaigg-Baker vs. McGowan-McCoy

8:15 — Forney-Burnham vs. Barnthouse-Barnthouse

8:22 — Stelver-Stelver vs. League-Lamb


8:30 — Thomas-Murrow vs. Pendergraft-Bernstein

8:37 — Betchan-Nelson vs. Morris-Tucker

9 — Ernst-Eckstein vs. Crouch-Bush

9:07 — McClelland-Glaser vs. Brosen-Hall

Third Flight

Chad McDaniel-Mike McGreevy def. Chad Capra-Joe Capra, 3-and-1

Dave Diesselhorst-Del Griggs, bye

Josh Winfield-Levi Hinkle def. Tyson Seng-Trevin Ray, 1-up

Walter Syms-Ron Jones def. Chad Throckmorton-A.J. Nusz, 3-and-2

Steve Kirk-Mike Foster def. Steve Hart-Jim Hart, 1-up

Jim Fournier-Tim Winfield def. Gary Johnson-John Henry, 1-up, 19th

Terry Charles-Trevor Charles def. David Lee-Kris Ferguson, 2-up

Randy Webb-Randy Brunken, bye

Today’s matches


9:15 — Capra-Capra, bye

9:22 — Seng-Ray vs. Throckmorton-Nusz

9:30 — Hart-Hart vs. Johnson-Henry

9:37 — Lee-Ferguson, bye


10 — McDaniel-McGreevy vs. Diesselhorst-Griggs

10:07 — Winfield-Hinkle vs. Sims-Jones

10:15 — Fournier-Winfield vs. Kirk-Fisher

10:22 — Webb-Brunken vs. Charles-Charles

Fourth Flight

Jason Williams-David Norton def. Don Clark-Joe Chandler, 1-up

Brandon Pecha-Dudley Darrow def. Allen Seltenreich-Michael Thompson, 5-and-3

Robert Stegeman-Fred Hockert def. Joe Armstrong-Joey Armstrong, 1-up

Keith Fuksa-Wayne McMillon def. Larry Wheeler-Paul Scaepperly, 1-up, 19th

Jeff London-Chuck London def. Donny Lagan-R.D. Justus, 6-and-5

Chris Baker-Chris Dintelman def. Randy Hamm-Jim Clark, 2-and-1

Dan Patterson-Ken Shaw def. Rick Howard-Kent League, 4-and-3

Brandon Beckett-Chris Brown def. T.C. Chamberlin-Raymond Aranda, 3-and-2

Today’s matches


8 — Clark-Chandler vs. Seltenreich-Thompson

8:07 — Armstrong-Armstrong vs. Wheeler-Scapperly

8:15 — Lagan-Justus vs. Hamm-Clark

8:22 — Howard-League vs. Chamberlin-Aranda


8:30 — Williams-Norton vs. Pecha-Darrow

8:45 — Stegeman-Hart vs. Fuksa-McMillon

9 — London-London vs. Baker-Dipelman

9:07 — Patterson-Shaw vs. Beckett-Brown

5th Flight

Larry Barton-Jack Bransetter, bye

Bill Noak-Lance Farney def. Steve Long-Marvin Batterman, 1-up, 19

Derrick Wolf-Randy Boeckman def. Lance Norris-Richard Druse, 4-and-3

Bob Bollenbach-Brandon Cox def. Luis Romanos-Sam Snyder, 1-up

Richard Morrison-Earl Boone def. Stan Botts-Terry Hiebert, 5-and-3

Russell Fowler-Dustin Cantrell def. Roger Jarrett-Jim Campbell, 5-and-4

Steve Snyder-John Edwards def. Jason Merrifield-Rod Lingenfelter, 3-and-2

Shay Crawford-Kyle Billings def. Lance Schwandt-Richard Hutchinson, 4-and-3.

Today’s matches


9:15 — Long-Batterman, bye

9:22 — Norris-Druse vs. Romanos-Snyder

9:30 — Botts-Hiebert vs. Jarrett-Campbell

9:37 — Merrifield-Lingenfelter vs. Schwandt-Hutchinson


10 — Barton-Branstetter vs. Noak-Farney

10:07 — Wolf-Boeckman vs. Bollenbach-Cox

10:15 — Morrison-Boone vs. Fowler-Cantrell

10:22 — Edwards-Snyder vs. Crawford-Billings

Sixth Flight

Mike Oaks-Steve Robinson def. Justin Williams-Gary Williams, 5-and-4

Dan Ensminger-Chad Ensminger def. Kenny Long-Butch Black, 6-and-5

Marty Kelso-Tommy Roney def. Ron Hoskins-Wayne Holder, 2-and-1

Bobby Birchfield-Red Knouse def. Brian Fry-George Pankonin, 1-up

Steve Torres-Britt Wilkinson def. Brandon Williams-Steve Perry, 4-and-3

Randy Kretchmar-Scott Taylor, bye

Scott Douma-Brian Dupy def. Jeff Turnbow-Danny Thornton, 3-and-2

Chuck Pulis-Doug Brinkley def..Troy Wood-Lenny Salinas, 4-and-2.

Today’s matches


10:30 — Williams-Williams vs. Long-Black

10:37 — Hoskins-Holder vs. Fry-Pankonin

10:45 — B Williams-Perry, bye

11:07 — Turnbow-Thornton vs.Wood-Salinas


11:15 — Oaks-Robinson vs. Ensminger-Ensminger

11:22 — Kelso-Roney vs. Birchfield-Knouse

11:30 — Torres-Wilkinson vs. Kretchmar-Taylor

11:45 — Douma-Dupy vs. Pulis-Brinkley.

7th Flight

Pat Newman-Cody Greenfield def. Phil Schloss-Mitch Hiebert, 3-and-2

Lonnie Wyman-Daniel Cagle def. Ronn Gann-Gary Puckett, 1-up, 19th hole

Austin Sebranek-Brian Smith def. Buddy Bugg-David Pueno, 6-and-5

Ryan Landwehr-Sam Holcomb def. Paul Bierle-Logan Long, 5-and-3.

Today’s matches


Noon — Schloss-Hiebert vs. Gann-Puckett

12:30 — Bugg-Puneo vs. Landwehr-Holcomb

12:37 — Newman-Greenfield vs. Wyman-Cagle

12:45 — Sebranek-Smith vs. Landwehr-Holcomb