The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

March 9, 2013

As history repeats, Garber to showcase its past

By Robert Barron, Staff Writer
Enid News and Eagle

GARBER, Okla. — The town is using something new to restore something old.

An old drugstore building in downtown Garber is being remodeled to include a public library and museum that will focus on early day Garber, which originated as an oil field community. Funds are mostly from increased city revenue generated from renewed oil and gas activity in the Mississippi Limestone formation in northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas.

Hal Long, chairman of the “drugstore committee” in Garber said about $7,000 has been spent to place a new roof on the building and begin other renovations.

The building, which contains a back bar and soda fountain, will be separated into one area for a public library and an area where volunteers will read to local children.

Long said the soda fountain and back bar are original with the building.

“It makes  a nice centerpiece to have historical things built around,” Long said. The building was donated to Garber Community Improvement Association about two years ago, and supporters began to discuss the project then. In addition to the new roof, Long said a drop ceiling was installed and the walls will be renovated as a place to hang photos and other mementos. Glass cases will be placed so historic items can be viewed.

The rear of the building, where medicine originally was stored, will be designed to resemble an early day drugstore and separated from the public with glass, Long said. The committee also may try to purchase a lot adjacent to the drugstore and place some smaller, antique equipment to resemble an early day oil field.

“Plenty of people have oil field equipment they would donate,” Long said.

The city is named after Martin Garber, whose family participated in the Land Run of 1893, claiming land that is the town today. Today, Garber has a population of 822, according to the 2012 census.

Martin Garber is the father of Milton C. Garber, a former U.S. congressman, Enid mayor, newspaper editor and judge.

In October 1899, Garber Town Co., owned by brothers Milton C. and Burton A. Garber, platted the town.쇓