The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

March 23, 2013

Strong in the Lord

Christian youth ministry provides place for the teens

By Cass Rains, Staff Writer
Enid News and Eagle

ENID, Okla. — Each week Taylor Clark meets with pre-teens and teens and invites them to K-Life.

“It’s a community-wide Christian youth ministry,” Clark said. “We are not a church. We focus on middle school and high school students and their families in the community.”

He said K-Life provides a connection for kids who may not regularly attend a church.

“We try to do this as more of a thing for kids who don’t have a  church home and or don’t have a youth program at their church,” Clark said.

The group meets from 7-8:30 p.m. twice a week at PJ’s, 220 N. Washington. The middle school group meets Tuesdays, and the high school group meets Thursdays.

“K-Life is free for the kids. We never charge kids to come to any of our programming,” Clark said. “We try to cover all the costs for the kids so the finances aren’t a burden for the students and doesn’t keep them from coming.”

The group’s website further explains, “K-Life works alongside churches and families in the community to teach and encourage kids to be strong in the Lord in spite of all the negative pressures they face as teenagers. K-Life networks kids from different churches, and those without a church affiliation, to build positive, Godly relationships that can withstand the negative peer pressure so prevalent in today’s youth culture.”

Clark said the program is fully funded by families and local churches in the Enid community. Clark meets with students at schools during lunches, and kids often learn of the group through word-of-mouth, by attending weekly events or monthly programs or through other community events.

“We do an event each month,” he explained. “At the end of February we had a dodge ball tournament.”

K-Life began as a follow-up ministry to campers from Kanakuk Kamps, in Branson, Mo. Kanakuk is the K in K-Life, and the two are directly connected, he said.

He attended the camp and learned there was an opportunity for him to minister through the Enid chapter. He and his wife moved to Enid last summer.

“I’ve got a heat and passion for ministry with the kind of younger generation and felt Enid would be a great fit for that kind of a career,” he said.

He said K-Life is not in Enid to compete with local churches.

“One of our goals is to encourage kids and families to get connected with churches here. ... We are here to partner with churches,” Clark said. “We’re looking for churches to come and speak, or have contact with our kids. We really want to do our job of helping churches and getting kids into church, helping get them and their families plugged in as well.”

To accomplish this goal, Clark said the group is always looking for more participants, volunteers and sponsors.

“Just people who want to come and spend time with the kids, helping with games and help activities go well with worship,” he said. “We’re always looking for new sponsors to help.”

Those wanting further information about the group or how to join can visit K-Life’s website at Those wanting to volunteer or offer a sponsorship can contact Clark at