The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

February 13, 2011

Social networking offers a better way to promote the city of Enid

By Joe Malan, Staff Writer
Enid News and Eagle

ENID — The popularity of Facebook and Twitter hasn’t been lost on local businesses and organizations trying to use social networking as one more arrow in their marketing quiver.

Today’s social networking sites make it much easier for Enid to market itself and find new investment opportunities, said Brent Kisling, executive director of Enid Regional Development Alliance.

“I would say the community is very active with (social networking),” he said.

Sites such as Facebook, he said, allow Enid and Garfield County to share information outside their borders.

The alliance has a Facebook page that provides news about the city and county as well as facts pertaining to both.

For example, one fact the alliance touts is Enid is the only city in Oklahoma with a public access television facility.

That fact could interest people who want to become involved in public access television, and posts such as those help spread the word to others.

In another post, the alliance states Autry Technology Center in Enid had the second highest enrollment in the state behind Tulsa Technology Center in 2010.

People who live outside of Enid in other parts of the state may never have heard of Autry and classes the center provides.

Use of social media is another way Enid can promote itself, said Brittany Conner, membership and special events director at Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce.

“We use (social media) to promote community development initiatives and programs,” Conner said.

One of the things Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce has done in the past is create a promotional video that shows what the city of Enid is all about.

The video is available at www.enid The chamber also distributes other promotional pieces, including photos of Enid.

“They can promote what’s special (about our community),” Conner said.

The chamber also has a Twitter page as well as a Facebook page, which has posts about events going on around the county, as well as photos and video.