The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

February 13, 2011

Enid 1st seeks stories that it can brag about

Staff reports
Enid News and Eagle

ENID — Enid economic development officials think Enid is the best community in America, and it is time the community starts bragging about it.

Enid Regional Development Alliance, along with the help of the Enid News & Eagle, has launched an Enid 1st Campaign with the goal of drawing information from individuals, companies or organizations about what Enid is best at, has the most of, is first at doing or has the only of.

“And, when we say anything, we mean anything,” said Cindy Allen, editor of Enid News & Eagle, which is working with the Alliance in creating a list of reports on things in which Enid has been “first, only or best.”

The newspaper will seek information from readers through Feb. 25.

The idea behind the Enid 1st campaign is to create a list of items Enid can “brag” about, said Brent Kisling, executive director of Enid Regional Development Alliance.

The Alliance, with Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce, Enid Convention and Visitors Bureau, Enid Main Street and the city of Enid, are coordinating efforts to make sure Enid’s story is told to the world.

The information will be used in an annual marketing plan.

The News & Eagle is participating by seeking information from readers. The newspaper will write news stories about some of the things Enid was the first to do, was the best at doing, had the most of or has been unique in.

Kisling said his organization already has started compiling a list of some unique facts about Enid.

For example, W.B. Johnston is the oldest and largest independent grain and seed dealer in Oklahoma. Security National Bank is the oldest locally owned and operated national bank in Enid, established prior to statehood. Enid has the third largest dry grain storage capacity in the U.S. behind Kansas City and Minneapolis. Central Machine and Tool is the largest producer in the world of cam and groove hose connectors.

“These are the kinds of statistics many people in Enid may not know about,” Allen said. “We believe there are other stories out there some local people may know about that are not widely known. We want to hear from them.”

Kisling said local companies and organizations cmay have similar stories that need to get out about their organization.

“We already have two pages of this kind of information, but we think there are more stories out there,” he said.

People are asked to contact the News & Eagle with information, along with any documentation or contact information to back it up. The newspaper will try to confirm the information and write a story.

Once the information is compiled, Enid Regional Development Alliance will organize a meeting with local business, government and organization leaders to develop marketing materials for Enid.

“It comes down to what we want to market Enid as,” Kisling said. “What do we want to tell people about Enid? Through this public input process, we want to come up with a message about Enid.”

Those with information about Enid they think would fit in this effort can contact Allen at editor@enid or 548-8163.