The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

July 19, 2012

Sheriff's race poll results

— Who do you support in the Aug. 28 runoff for Garfield County sheriff?

• Lt. Shon Jackson (80 votes, 36.87%)

• Undersheriff Jerry Niles (137 votes, 63.13%)



That is a very uneducated reasoning. If 54% said they did not want Jerry Niles to be the next Sheriff then would it be safe to say that 76% do not want Shon Jackson to be Sheriff?

 Out of all that are commenting on the inaccuracy of this poll, how many voted before commenting and seeing it wasn't in the favor of their choice? I read nowhere prior to entering my vote that ENE stated that this poll would directly or indirectly influence the outcome of the actual election. Smake and mirrors? ENE could endorse either or neither of the candidates. As for Jerry Niles having less than 54% of the vote against, all with normal intelligence will know that pecentages are misleading if there are more than three or four choices as in this case. That is why now out of the two leading even the people that didn't choose either of these two, have an opportunity to decide which they would prefer since first choice didn't win.Actually the voters made it very clear that they did not want Mr. Niles as the next sheriff. Look at the numbers -- 54% of the vote was AGAINST him.

 You guys have a valid point. Anyone can vote on this, regardless of whether or not they will be eligible to vote in the actual election. However, look at the numbers from the previous election. There was a very clear separation between the candidates. Even if this poll is somewhat inaccurate, the citizens of Garfield County (as well as many local organizations) have made it clear who has their support. Don't sulk, don't throw a temper tantrum. Just accept the fact that there are people out there who know the facts and know who will be the best man for the job. Maybe even do some research and let the facts speak for themselves. There's room here for everyone.

..YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. You hit the nail directly on the head.

Why didn't we have this poll for the commissioner's race? This seems like another game of smoke and mirrors by our local newspaper. The duty of the media is to report the facts and stay neutral. We saw the media get behind a canidate and we now have Obama as our leader. It seems as if this poll is a total waste of time and effort, this poll is based on the amout of computers a person has access to.

People, please take a moment to think about this poll. Anyone of any age, registered to vote or not, anywhere in the world can vote on this as many times as they have computers. Do you really think this is an accurate reflection of what Garfield county citizens are thinking?