The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

March 19, 2013

Parks objection poll results

— What was your biggest objection with the parks plan? Comment here or @

Didn't like the plan (50 votes, 14.29 percent)

Against taxes (63 votes, 18 percent)

Don't trust City Hall (237 votes, 67.71 percent)


Dennis: THIS SHOULD PRETTY WELL EXPLAIN MY VOTE(S)..NO ON BOND, NO ON TAXES AND DONT TRUST CITY ON ENE POLLHey coe admin.You want to know why you lost on both parks vote? WELL ILL TELL YOU even if you don't really want to know the truth.30% of bond is not obligated to parks, 100% of sales tax not obligated to history of poor financial stewards of taxpayer money,voter turned down incurring debt on 40 million dollar gateway, city proceeds with 20million version. incurred more than 10 million debt, currently at 55+ million for a 20 million project not counting the tax payers money on the downtown motel.failing infrastructure in almost every aspect of infrastructure in's inability or unwillingness to take care of what it already has to take care of (parks/infrastructure including streets water ect).WATER....WATER....WATER...WATERmore taxes during the bush/obama economy is just plain stupid.homeland fiascoparking lot rent by least 2 city owned rental houses being rented to upper level city employees at way below market value.thinking that recruiting part time dead end retail/fast food jobs will make enid the golden spot in the world.mistrust of the current city government by citizens with very good reasons..see list above for the short list.i could continue this list for days as to why you failed on the parks vote but you get the idea but iam sure you will ignore the public vote and proceed as you want just as you did gateway but eventually your poor financial stewardship will catch up and ward 5 commissioner will be-able to write another ghost town book titled enid oklahoma the ghost town from poor financial stewardship of taxpayer funds.the city of enid admin has already determined that no matter what the voters say that the downtown gateway park will be build as they voted to steal property of citizens for the downtown gateway park tonight BEFORE THE POLLS CLOSE, and before the citizens vote results were officially known

John Galt:I am speechless and stunned frankly. The eagle will crumble to dust and the stone will be etched in... stone.The prophet "Stone" has spoken.

Corey: I would have liked to see some new parks as the parent of 3 small children our favorite park is not in city control, its the new Prairie View Elementary. I agree with this poll and I don't trust the city, that's why I moved to a small town outside of Enid, and just work there. The looses of this whole deal are our children. I think the city needs to pre-plan a little better, like this trails system they are putting so much money into, and still haven't figured out how to get people SAFELY across major passageways (Owen K, and Van Buren) "oh lets just paint cross walk markers may be that won't get someone killed" If they asked me, the solution other than building overpasses or under passes for the trail is to install lights with motion sensors for on coming runners/cyclist or have a button that would change a light they could push while running and when they got to the road the light would have stopped traffic.