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March 6, 2013

Enid park poll results

What are your thoughts on the two parks plan propositions totaling $50 million? Election is Tuesday. More @ Comment here or

• I am for both (58 votes, 21.97 percent)

• I am against both (176 votes, 66.67 percent)

• I am only for proposition 1, raising $20 million by increasing the city sales tax rate by one-half percent for five years.(12 votes, 4.55 percent)

• I am only for proposition 2, with $30 million in general obligation bonds, funded by extending an existing property tax levy, going toward parks. (18 votes, 6.82 percent)


Dennis: I am all for better and improved parks, but i have issues with only 70% of the bond being legally required to be spent on parks and the freedom of spend where the benson commission wants on the remaining 30% and the entire sales tax... the renamed gateway is already at 55+ million for the 20 million scaled down version of the voter denied 40 million version so giving the city one penny to spend after they have shown that they are not good stewards of taxpayer money is plain stupid. Trust and distrust are both earned and in recent financial history the coe has earned way more distrust than trust

Bryan: 70% against, do you really think these a--holes give a crap about what the citizenswant? taxes,taxes

Glenn: I think people need to wake up. There are communities in Oklahoma that lagged behind Enid for years, but they have recently surpassed us by taking care of their parks and creating a better quality of life for their citizens. I'm not a big fan of people thinking better of Woodward than they do of my hometown. Regardless of what you think of certain people in the city admin office, look to the future. If you want your kids playing on rusty, broken equipment, that's your right, but some people are looking to a better, brighter future for Enid.

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