The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

February 15, 2013

Commission biggest issue poll data

— What's the biggest issue in the Enid City Commission race? Comment here or go to

Water (79 votes, 61.72 percent)

Attracting new investment (33 votes 78 percent)

Parks (6 votes, 4.69 percent)

Enid Renaissance Project (10 votes, 7.81 percent)


dennis: Friday, Feb 1st 1:04PM water is the most important issue facing enid in the short term and the long term. but firing benson must be done to be able to spend the water money on water and not his pet project downtown, infrastructure, the maintenance of, the updating of ect, water, everything takes a back set to the renamed gateway to disaster downtown fiasco with the benson commission

John Galt: Saturday, Feb 2nd 10:02PM Everyone should retire their lawn to ornamental gypsum rock. The summer is going to be long,hot and crispy. The oracle "stone" has prophesied.

David: Sunday, Feb 3rd 11:49AM I agree with Dennis' comment made yesterday, especially regarding the Renaissance boondoggle, which Enid citizens are having to pay for, one way or another.

John Galt: Monday, Feb 4th 8:14PM What may surprise most people about the Global Spectrum contract with the city, is the fact that it is set at a rate of which most cities pay , with an 80,000 seat stadium. Its unacceptable and very over priced . Its a mother lode for Global Spectrum . Who set this contract up and who agreed on the price?