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November 27, 2012

Enid name poll results

What is the source of Enid's name? Comment here or

Character in Tennyson's “Idylls of the King” (42 votes, 28.57 percent)

"Dine" sign turned upside-down (76 votes, 51.7 percent)

Not sure (29 votes, 19.73 percent)


  • Josh - 3 days ago

    Really stupid poll question and comments that rival it.

  • John Galt - 4 days ago

    Thanks for the comments from Enid's own Prophet Stone.

    The early Jewish roots discovery by an author, has shed light on the Name Enid .

    The Jewish settlers and founders were of Russian origin .

    It is not unusual to have a first name of Enid for a Jewish women of the 1800's .

  • Nate - 4 days ago

    I always heard that someone was driving through and was wondering the name and saw the sign "dine" in their mirror on the way out of town and said the town's name was "enid".... Not really upside down because if it was upside down, it'd say the same thing....

  • Dennis - 4 days ago

    It makes no difference where the name of Enid came from. Enid is gone and has been replaced by Bensonville and due to the renamed gateway monstrosity and the tax payer downtown Benson inn one commissioner will be-able to write another ghost town book on the demise of Enid and Bensonville in which she was a contributing factor to the destruction of Enid and eventually Bensonville , up until recently you could blame it all on the bensonites but now you can add the governor of Oklahoma to the list with her closure of NORCE..the coe admin and the governor of Oklahoma are both terrible for Enid aka Bensonville and they both make their decisions based on their hatred for anybody they consider beneath them using their own self inflated opinion of their self worth and importance.


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