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June 27, 2012

Sheriff's primary results

The Garfield County sheriff’s primary is Tuesday. Which candidate gets your vote? Tell us why at

    George Dillman


    98 votes


    Shon Jackson


    211 votes


    Jerry Niles


    228 votes


    Rick West


    41 votes


578 Total Votes

Posted 6 days ago.

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    Anonymous - 2 days ago

    Vote Jerry Niles for Sheriff!!!!! He is being backed my the Fraternal Order of Police and the Enid News and Eagle!!!! WOO HOO!!!! GO NILES!!!!

    labbab - 4 days ago

    It speaks volumes when talking with people who have worked with and for Rick West and you see the FOP stand up behind Niles. I hope the people of Enid realize how disliked West is by co-workers.

    kat - 4 days ago

    NILES is already a dedicated hard working Garfield County Under Sheriff for the past 14 yrs. He knows the ins and outs of the job. He has been at the forefront taking the lead to keep the county safe.. He has always been a hands on type with a strong work ethic.He is truly the man for the job. A Sheriff for the People- not for the title.


    I N O X E

    L T Y P R

    E E A E V

    S G L R I

    R T I C

    I Y E E

    T N

    Y C



    Carol Quimby - 5 days ago

    please vote for Shon Jackson he is the most qualified candidate

    Roger Parson - 5 days ago

    Jerry Niles has been the Garfield County Under Sheriff for many years and knows the county very well. He has spent lots of time being an active member of the department and is out in the county doing checks and working the roads and crime. Some staff you never hear on the radio where they are doing active crime work but Jerry is on it a lot. Over all Garfield County has a very good department that works well together. I feel Jerry Niles would be the best man for the job and would like to ask everyone for his vote. If you look at the history of all that are running Jerry comes out on top. Don't be a voter that just votes just by someones name, look up the facts on everyone running and pick by facts. I've been with the department for over 8 years and I feel it's the best job I've had in my life. If someone comes in that has to start the department over and change lots of things all it is doing is giving crime a chance to pick up until the department gets re-grouped. If something is not broke don't try and fix it! Vote Jerry Niles for Sheriff and keep our county sheriff's department strong.

    consistant and persistant - 5 days ago

    My vote is for Jackson. I have known and dealt with all four of these gentlemen, and can tell you first hand that Jackson is by far hands down the best candidate for the position. Just a little bout these guys. West is the one candidate i have had the least dealings with but if the guy couldnt get along with his own brother let alone the majority of the police department then he definately dont get my vote. As for Dillman he claims to take a $500 cut in pay. well the sheriffs pay is already established so he cant take a paycut, however he can donate to a charity. He also claims to be some kind of hero from iraq. Dont get me wrong it takes a lot of guts to go over there in the first place but he was basically kicked out of iraq and sent home. Also he has campaign signs that are the same color as the iraqi flag and is backed by a iraqi national. Now for Niles. Mr micromanage or capt midnight as many people call him. he sits at home listening to scanner 24/7 and wont let people do their jobs as well as running off several deputies that are very good at their job. Also he is a very inconsistant person, and you can tell just by the many different variations in his campaign signs. Myself, I have seen at least 7 different variations. If a guy cant decide on one sign how can he lead and stick to decisions for the whole county? And finally he wants to combine EPD and GCSO to make a metro PD and I believe that is a terrible idea for the county when it comes down to tax dollars etc.. He already has given full county wide jurisdiction to EPDS K9 units, which by the way are all working the same schdule as the GCSO K9 units. So that means all K9 units countywide are working at the same time which means they are all off at the same time also. And I dont knpow bout anyone else but not only do they work at the same time, but when i see one K9 unit I see the both sitting and talking at he same place. This county is large enough that the two GCSO K9 units should never even see each other thru their shift unless they are backing up each other during a call. Mismanagement seems to be the only consistant thing Niles can do. Now Jackson. He seems to be a very good family oriented christian person. he is highly trained and wants his deputies to be the same. he also want to get back into the schools and stop alot of the bullying fighting and drug use and dealings that go on with our children. Like I said this is both fact and opinionated and just wanted to let people know who may not know which way to vote just what are candidates are about.

    Pam - 5 days ago

    When did taking a poll on who'd you'd vote for become a "public question"? That's one thing in America that hasn't been taken away YET is voting in privacy. I know that you didn't ask for names, but u do have to give an email address, etc.

    Bad, bad idea Enid News!! If you're going to do the sheriff, what about the other public offices?

    Eddie - 5 days ago

    Wow! Only 12 votes? I guess all those cool benches aren't doing the trick.